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BIC Excellence Award

Elizabeth C. Stone

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Nippur Neighborhoods
This study of two domestic neighbourhoods at Nippur, TA and TB, correlates information from texts found in these houses with architectural modifications to the buildings, and considers the socio-economic circumstances of the occupants.

Paperback    £43.00
9780918986504 | Published: 1987
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Old Babylonian Contracts from Nippur I
The Old Babylonian contracts found at Nippur during the 1888-1901 excavations of the University of Pennsylvania Expedition are housed in the Archeological Museum in Istanbul, in the Hilprecht Collection in Jena, and in the University Museum in Philadelphia. This microfiche contains 70 unpublished contracts in the Philadelphia collection.

Paperback    £4.00
9780226775517 | Published: 1976
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Settlement and Society

9781931745338 | Published: 2007

Settlement and Society

9781938770975 | Published: 2007