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I methoni kai i istoria
I Venetia kai i eksousia (Greek language edition)

By Panayotis Foutakis

I methoni kai i istoria
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Hardback, 496 pages £72.50
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9786185209216
Format: 298mm x 226mm
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This Greek-language monograph on the castle of Modon (Peloponnese, Greece) leads us on a journey from Homer to the 20th century, and concentrates particularly on the Venetian presence, which lasted for 300 years beginning at the fall of Constantinople in 1204.


The book aims to remain accessible to the general reader as it explores the correct name of Modon; its ancient walls and coins; the written and pictorial evidence for the castle; the structure of its Venetian administration; the deciphering and identification of the 27 coats of arms of Modon; the history of the lion of Venice; the study of the 18 lions, embedded in the walls; the discovery of the real attribution of the wrongly named Morosini column; the restoration of the name of the so-called Villehardouin tower; the examination and reading of the mason’s mark of the central gate; the finding of the correct original name of the eight-sided tower of the mole which is still called by its Turkish name Bourtzi; and the identification of the Mediaeval form of the old harbour.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 496 pages
 298mm x 226mm
592 colour illustrations

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  ARC000000, ARC005000, HIS000000, HIS010000, HIS054000
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