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The Civilian In War
The Home Front in Europe, Japan and the USA in World War II

Edited by Jeremy Noakes

The Civilian In War

A collection of essays by specialist authors covering both belligerent and occupied countries: Britain, Germany, the United States, the former Soviet Union, Japan, Italy, Poland, France and the Netherlands. It explores the impact of the Second World War on the civilian population by looking at such aspects as propaganda, morale, labour mobilization, the role of women, resistance and collaboration within a comparative framework.

Contributions by
Toby Abse, H. Footitt, Joanna Hanson, Mark Harrison, Bob Moore, Ian Nish, Jeremy Noakes, J. C. Simmonds, Andrew Thorpe and Neil A. Wynn

List of Contributors, vi; 1 Introduction Jeremy Noakes, 1; 2 Britain Andrew Thorpe, 14; 3 Germany Jeremy Noakes, 35; 4 The Soviet Union Mark Harrison, 62; 5 The United States Neil A. Wynn, 80; 6 Japan Ian Nish, 93; 7 Italy Toby Abse, 104; 8 The Netherlands Bob Moore, 126; 9 Poland Joanna Hanson, 150; 10 France J.C. Simmonds and H. Footitt, 173; Further Reading, 195.

". . . A gem of a book for students . . ." (Arthur Marwick, O.U.Newsletter)

Jeremy Noakes is Professor of History at Exeter University.

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