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The Clinical Study of Social Behavior

By Donald R. Peterson

The Clinical Study of Social Behavior
Paperback, 280 pages £35.00
Published: 2004
ISBN: 9780971958753
Format: 207mm x 141mm
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Subjects: Eliot Werner Publications, Psychology

The decade of the 1960s witnessed early attempts to create a unified science-profession of clinical psychology. Following in the path of these efforts - and the behavioral revolution in clinical psychology, which occurred around the same time - Donald Peterson set out to write what he describes in his new introduction as a 'manifesto' for a 'scientifically grounded, practically effective professional psychology.' Originally published by Appleton-Century-Crofts in 1968.

Introduction to the Percheron Press Edition


1. The Need for New Approaches to Clinical Assessment

2. The Person and the Environment

3. Behavior Change and Behavior Assessment

4. Behavior Theory and Behavior Assessment

5. Methods for Studying Social Behavior

6. Three Cases: A Person, a Group, and a Social System

7. Scientific, Professional, and Ethical Issues




Donald R. Peterson, Rugers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 280 pages
 207mm x 141mm

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 Eliot Werner Publications


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