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A Pilgrim's Account of Cyprus
Bars'kyj's Travels in Cyprus

By Vasyl Hryhorovyc-Bars'kyj Edited by Andreas G. Orphanides and Paul W. Wallace Translated by Alexander D. Grishin

A Pilgrim's Account of Cyprus
Paperback, 114 pages £16.00
Published: 1996
ISBN: 9780965170437
Format: 277mm x 214mm
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Subjects: Greece and Cyprus Research Center, History, Sources for the History of Cyprus

Vasyl Hryhorovyc-Bars'kyj was an eighteenth century traveller who documented his journeys around Cyprus. His accounts are incredibly detailed and describe churches, monasteries and religious life on the island. He wrote as an insider, despite originating from Kiev; his primary interest being that of the Orthodox religious life that he found on the island.


List of Plates


First Visit to Cyprus: September 19 and 20, 1726

Second Visit to Cyprus: between April 26 and July 18, 1727

Third Visit to Cyprus: between July 17 and july 24, 1730

Fourth Visit to Cyprus: between September 1734 and August 13, 1736

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Professor Alexander Grishin is based at the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences and has been published extensively and prolifically in his research areas of nineteenth and twentieth century contemporary art, medieval and Byzantine art, Russian art, art theory and curation. He has written many publications on the travels of Byzantine monk Bars'kyj.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 114 pages
 277mm x 214mm

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  HIS037030, TRV010000
 Greece and Cyprus Research Center


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