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A Commemoration Ritual for Senwosret I

The document better known as the Ramesseum Dramatic Papyrus, was found in a late Middle Kingdom tomb in the Ramesseum necropolis, together with other manuscripts and artifacts, all primarily magico-medical in function. Discusses the occupation of the tomb owner based on an analysis of this exceptional find in its entirety. 16 col & 39 b/w illus.

Paperback    £37.00
9780974002590 | Published: 2018
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Ancient Mediterranean Interconnections

This special issue of the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections(7.3, 2015) is dedicated to Professor Nanno Marinatos of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ten manuscripts authored by some of the most prominent members of their fields are well illustrated in full colour.


Paperback    £41.00
9780989815222 | Published: 2015
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Archaeology and the Cities of Late Antiquity in Asia Minor

This volume examines archaeological evidence for this last phase of urban life in Asia Minor, one of the Roman empire's most prosperous regions. It brings together studies by an international group of scholars on topics ranging from the public sculpture of Constantinople to the depopulation of the Anatolian countryside in early Byzantine times.

Hardback    £37.00
9780974187358 | Published: 2012
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The Archaeology of Agro-Pastoralist Economies in Jordan

The 69th volume of the Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research is devoted to studies of botanical and faunal remains from three major sites in Jordan: Tall al'Umayri (Bronze to early Iron Age), Karak Castle (Middle and Late Islamic Period), and Khirbet al-Mudayna al-'Aliya (early Iron Age).

Hardback    £70.00
9780897570947 | Published: 2016
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Archaeology of Difference

To determine "the archaeology of difference" the studies in this volume draw on textual and material culture. What distinguishes an individual or a group in ancient society? How do issues of gender, ethnicity, social stratification and the view of the 'other' impact individuals, groups, and societal attitudes?

Hardback    £102.00
9780897570701 | Published: 2005
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The Archaeology of the Ostraca House at Israelite Samaria

The Caesarea Mithraeum (sanctuary or temple of the god Mithras) is only one of two excavated from eastern half of the Empire. Includes new photographs, plans and section drawings; catalogues the small finds from the vault, and technical details about the recovery of information about frescoes and how the excavations were completed. 76 illus.

Hardback    £74.00
9780897570954 | Published: 2017
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ASOR Annual 59

Part I presents the results from the 2001 research project combining surface surveys and limited test excavations at eight Early Bronze Age settlement sites on the Kerak Plateau. Part II is the editio princeps of two early alphabetic inscriptions discovered along the Farshut Road, Egypt.

Hardback    £61.00
9780897570718 | Published: 2005
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The Ayl to Ras an-Naqab Archaeological Survey, Southern Jordan 2005-2007

Although segments of the Ayl to Ras an-Naqab territory have been investigated for the past one hundred years, this is the first comprehensive and systematic survey of the area. Two volumes, with DVD.

Hardback    £123.00
9780897570855 | Published: 2012
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Bethsaida: A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee, Vol. 1

This first volume of a four-volume set reports the initial findings of the internationally recognized Bethsaida Excavation Project. The project is uncovering one of the most important New Testament sites, lost to the world since the first century.

Paperback    £8.00
9780943549866 | Published: 1995
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Hardback    £8.00
9780943549309 | Published: 1995
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Bethsaida: A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee, Vol. 2

The Bethsaida Excavations Project is uncovering one of the most important New Testament sites lost to the world since the first century. Volume two reports on archaeological and geological findings from 1994–1996 and the cultural/historical context of the findings.

Paperback    £8.00
9780943549484 | Published: 1999
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Hardback    £8.00
9780943549491 | Published: 1999
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