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Unity And Variety

A collaborative history of the Church in a large, diverse and interesting region of England by six historians, ranging from Celtic and Saxon times, through the middle ages, Reformation, rise of Nonconformity and the Victorian era, down to the present day and encompassing all the main Christian denominations.

Paperback    £18.99
9780859893558 | Published: 1991
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PDF    £15.00
9780859899512 | Published: 2015
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The University Of Exeter

The University of Exeter’s origins can be traced to educational movements that began in the middle of the nineteenth century. From beginnings in the School of Art founded in 1855, Brian Clapp records an unbroken line of development through the Royal Albert Memorial College and the University College of the South West.


Hardback    £25.00
9780859891332 | Published: 1982
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