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Alternative Empires

This is the first book to study representations of the non-Western world in European modernist cinema. In offering new perspectives on the history of Soviet montage cinema and on the British documentary movement, it connects with the growing body of work analysing manifestations of orientalism, Eurocentrism and colonial discourse in the cinema.

Hardback    £60.00
9780859896047 | Published: 2000
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A Chorus Of Raspberries

This is the first full-length study of one of the most popular, profitable and persistent genres in British cinema. It redraws the map of British film history by arguing that comedy was the most successful, and important, genre of the 1930s, and that the very qualities which ensured the comedy film's low status are also its particular strengths.

Hardback    £65.00
9780859896030 | Published: 2000
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The City on the Hill

In 1955 the former University College of the South West was granted a royal charter and became the University of Exeter. This is the history of an institution that is also a community, a focus of teaching and research set within a particular environment but also part of the wider world. 130 col. and 31 b&w illus.

Paperback    £40.00
9780993371301 | Published: 2015
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Since The Théâtre du Grand-Guignol closed its doors forty years ago, the genre has been overlooked by critics and theatre historians. This book reconsiders the importance and influence of the Grand-Guignol within its social, cultural and historical contexts, and is the first attempt at a major evaluation of the genre as performance.



Paperback    £18.50
9780859896962 | Published: 2002
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PDF    £14.00
9780859899178 | Published: 2015
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The Great Art Of Light And Shadow

Widely regarded by historians of the early moving picture as the best work yet published on pre-cinema, The Great Art of Light and Shadow: Archaeology of the Cinema throws light on a fascinating range of optical media from the twelfth century to the turn of the twentieth.

Paperback    £30.00
9780859896658 | Published: 2000
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PDF    £24.00
9780859899185 | Published: 2015
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Making Theatre in Northern Ireland

This book examines the relationships between theatre and the turbulent political and social context of Northern Ireland since 1969. It explores key theatrical performances which deal directly with this context. The book is aimed at a student readership: it is largely play-text-based, and it contains useful contextualising material.

Paperback    £16.00
9780859897396 | Published: 2006
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Hardback    £55.00
9780859897389 | Published: 2006
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PDF    £13.00
9780859899307 | Published: 2015
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Multimedia Histories

Multimedia Histories: From the Magic Lantern to the Internet is the first book to explore in detail the vital connections between today’s digital culture and an absorbing history of screen entertainments and technologies. Its range of coverage moves from the magic lantern, the stereoscope and early film to the DVD and the internet.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859897730 | Published: 2007
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Hardback    £47.50
9780859897723 | Published: 2007
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PDF    £16.00
9780859899352 | Published: 2015
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The Nissim Levis Panorama 1898-1944 (parallel text, Greek and English)

A touching photographic journey, captured in stereoscopic glass plates by one member of a prominent family in the Romaniote Jewish community of Ioannina, in north-western Greece. Important historical events unfold over the years, and we also see the everyday lives of different ethnic and religious groups. 266 duotones.

Hardback    £43.00
9786185209124 | Published: 2017
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On Actors And Acting

This is a book for theatre-lovers, written for anyone who shares the author's curiosity about the art of acting and about theatre past and present.

Paperback    £18.00
9780859897426 | Published: 2002
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Hardback    £55.00
9780859896719 | Published: 2000
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Popular Filmgoing in 1930s Britain

In the 1930s there were close to a billion annual admissions to the cinema in Britain and it was by far the most popular paid-for leisure activity. This book is an exploration of that popularity. The book establishes similarities and differences between national and regional tastes through case study analysis of cinemagoing in Bolton and Brighton.

Hardback    £65.00
9780859896603 | Published: 2000
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