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Managing Boundaries in the Health Professions

The availability and delivery of health care is one of the most important issues on the American public policy agenda. The authors analyze the social, psychological, and bureaucratic boundaries that define health care in the United States, discuss how organizational change affects these boundaries, and suggest broad strategies for managing them.

Paperback    £35.00
9780971242777 | Published: 2002
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Maps And History In South-West England

This volume of essays considers the practical and political purposes for which maps were used, the symbolic and ideological roles of maps in the history of South-Western England and the ways in which map evidence can be used to recover facts about the past for use in the writing of history. It is accompanied by 43 pages of maps and illustrations.

Paperback    £15.00
9780859893732 | Published: 1991
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PDF    £12.00
9780859899314 | Published: 2015
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Les  Marguerites

This is the first critical edition of Les Marguerites, poèmes héroïque, a volume originally published in Bordeaux in 1676. Written in alexandrines, divided into five cantos (chants), Les Marguerities offers a fascinating example of playful contemporary poetic taste where epic heroism is transformed into gallantry.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859896429 | Published: 1999
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Le  Mariage Force

The principal aim of this edition is to provide a reliable version of the text of Le Mariage forcé which can be used by students and scholars of 17th-century theatre. The book includes all the texts which existed in Molière’s lifetime.

Paperback    £16.99
9780859896436 | Published: 2000
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A critical edition of Alexandre Hardy's Mariamne, a tragedy drawing on the story of the wife of Herod the Great. First published in 1989 by University of Exeter Press, it is part of the Textes Litteraires series.

Paperback    £17.00
9780859893039 | Published: 1989
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The Maritime History of Cornwall

The first study of its kind. The book explores the rich, complex maritime inheritance of Cornwall on a national and international scale, considering the importance of the different historical periods from the medieval to the twentieth century.

Hardback    £65.00
9780859898508 | Published: 2014
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PDF    £52.00
9780859899604 | Published: 2015
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EPUB    £52.00
9780859899826 | Published: 2015
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The Maritime History Of Devon

Written in 1908 by Michael Oppenheim, for the Victorian History of Devonshire, this account has not been previously published as the volume for which it was intended was never completed. Based mainly on the national archives with which Oppenheim had an intimate acquaintance, this account emphasises the place of the county of Devon in naval history.

Hardback    £35.00
9780859897143 | Published: 1999
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Marketing Modernity

In this study of early film exhibition, Joe Kember demonstrates that prior to the emergence of a specific discipline of screen acting and the arrival of picture personalities, the early cinema inherited its human dimensions from diverse earlier traditions of performance, from the magic lantern lecture to the fairground and variety theatre.

Hardback    £60.00
9780859898010 | Published: 2009
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PDF    £48.00
9780859899321 | Published: 2015
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Marking Time

This book charts a genealogy of alternative practices of theatre-making since the 1960s in one particular city – Cardiff. In a series of five itineraries, it visits fifty sites where significant events occurred, setting performances within local topographical and social contexts, and in relation to a specific architecture and polity.

Paperback    £22.50
9780859898768 | Published: 2013
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Hardback    £65.00
9780859898751 | Published: 2013
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PDF    £18.00
9780859899710 | Published: 2015
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EPUB    £18.00
9780859899864 | Published: 2015
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A Marxist Archaeology

This book applies Marxist theory to archaeology, explores long-term historical change and cultural evolution, and advocates a dialectical and historical approach to the study of the past.  Originally published by Academic Press in 1992, this edition features a new prologue by the author.

Paperback    £31.00
9780971242746 | Published: 1992
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