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He diasose

New narrative on the persecution and the rescue of the Greek Jews in the Third Reich, this book overturns stereotypes and myths. Reveals the attitude and actions of the local Jewish leaders raising questions about what was done and by whom. Cites Greek and international sources, incl. documents, testimonies, names. Greek language text. 172 b&w photographs.

Paperback    £21.00
9789606878633 | Published: 2012
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Helliniki kasela (Greek language edition)

For centuries, the chest was the only piece of storage furniture to be found in the Greek home. Highly valuable as a functional item, connected with everyday events and the most important stations in a person's life (birth, marriage and death) the chest has profound, symbolical meaning in the imagination of the Greek people. 500+ col illus.

Hardback    £55.00
9789606878121 | Published: 2010
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I Rotonda ths Thessalonikis kai ta psifidota ths (Greek language text)

The mosaics in the Rotunda in Thessaloniki are the most significant decorations that remain from the early Byzantine period. It includes a timeline and a list of recent publications. 45 colour photographs, many specially taken for this publication, document the spectacular qualities of these magnificent mosaics. Greek language text.

Paperback    £12.00
9786185209100 | Published: 2017
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I. Vikelas

A study of the work of architect Ioannis Vikelas, spanning his fifty-year career.   Concise descriptions of each building are accompanied by plans and details regarding its function, complemented by abundant photographs. Greek and English bilingual. 600 illus., mainly colour.

Paperback    £41.00
9789606878329 | Published: 2010
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icones apo tis thracices arches tou Euxinou pontou sti Voulgaria (Greek language edition)

Published to accompany the exhibition 'Icons from the Thracian Coasts of the Black Sea', in the Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki. 52 Byzantine and Post-Byzantine icons presented and discussed in detail. Greek language text. 172 colour illustrations.

Paperback    £30.00
9789606878510 | Published: 2011
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Kapela Sistina, nea ermineutiki prosegisi meta thn apokatastasi ton toixografion

Jointly produced by the Musei Vaticani and Libreria Editrice Vaticana, the paintings of the Sistene Chapel are examined in relation to the theological interpretations prevailing in that period. Greek language text. 186 illus., most colour.

Hardback    £87.00
9789606878077 | Published: 2009
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Kinimatografoi tou oneirou

New York-based Theo Kalomirakis is the leading creator of opulent home theatres and one-of-a-kind entertainment environments. This book includes fifteen of these incredible spaces with superb colour photographs and descriptions of the technology that make this revolution in entertainment and design possible. Greek language text. 200+ colour illustrations.

Hardback    £55.00
9789607037442 | Published: 2005
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The Life of the Vlachs in 1900 (English language edition)

An album of rare photographs highlighting the multiple dimensions of the Vlach populations living in both Greek and Ottoman lands in the Balkans in 1900.  Published in collaboration with the Egnatia Epirus Foundation.Greek language text. 226 b&w illus, 12 maps.

Paperback    £26.00
9789607037923 | Published: 2008
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Linear B

Linear B, a New Outlook by Nicholas A. Massouridis, is the product of thirty years' study of the phonetic values of the signs of the Linear B script. His son, Pandelis Masouridis, has also applied the same values for the first time to the reading of dedications and Linear A tablets from Ayia Triada. English language. 6 b&w illus., 7 tables. Set of 3 books.

Paperback    £55.00
9789607037473 | Published: 2005
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Macedonian Treasures (English language edition)

This guide to the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai - in Imathia, Central Macedonia - takes the reader step by step on the tour of this particularly spare and austere, yet simultaneously atmospheric, exhibition of the treasures from these tombs. Impressive photographs accompany historical information. 154 colour illustrations.

Paperback    £17.00
9789606878404 | Published: 2011
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