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Illustrations of the Stage and Acting in England to 1580

By Clifford Davidson

Illustrations of the Stage and Acting in England to 1580
Hardback, 194 pages £23.50
Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780918720474
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Series: Early Drama, Art, and Music Monograph

This richly illustrated book surveys representations of the stage and acting from manuscript illuminations, stained glass, sculpture, woodcarving, wall paintings, and the woodcuts that appear in playbooks produced by the first English printers.

List of Illustrations Preface The Roman Theater in Britain Ceremonies and Liturgical Plays Pageants and Processional Staging Places to See the Plays Illustrated Manuscript Playbooks Fools and Other Entertainers Minstrels Illustrations in Printed Playbooks

Clifford Davidson is professor emeritus of English and Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 194 pages

BIC Code:
  ART015070, HIS037010, PER011020
 Medieval Institute Publications


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