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Iconoclasm vs. Art and Drama

Edited by Clifford Davidson and Ann Eljenholm Nichols

Iconoclasm vs. Art and Drama
Hardback, 260 pages £27.50
Published: 1989
ISBN: 9780918720979
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Paperback, 260 pages £27.50
Published: 1989
ISBN: 9780918720986
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Subjects: Art & Art History, Medieval Institute Publications, Religious Studies
Series: Early Drama, Art, and Music, Early Drama, Art, and Music Monograph

The radical Protestantism that led to the suppression of religious drama in England also by the early years of Queen Elizabeth I destroyed perhaps the majority of ecclesiastical art in the country. The essays in this book provide analysis of the intellectual and religious motivation as well as new historical information concerning this phase of iconoclasm.

The Libri Carolini: Antecedents of Reformation Iconoclasm by Anthony Ugolnik The Anti-Visual Prejudice by Clifford Davidson Iconoclasm in England: Official and Clandestine by Margaret Aston The Devil's Guts: Allegations of Superstition and Fraud in Religious Drama and Art during the Reformation by Clifford Davidson No Sepulchre on Good Friday: The Impact of the Reformation on the Easter Rites in England by Pamela Sheingorn Broken Up or Restored Away: Iconoclasm in a Suffolk Parish by Ann Eljenholm Nichols

Clifford Davidson is professor emeritus of English and Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. Ann Eljenholm Nichols is professor emerita at Winona State University.

Iconoclasm vs. Art and Drama
Iconoclasm vs. Art and Drama - Hardback cover

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 Hardback , 260 pages

 Paperback , 260 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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