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The World and the Chylde

By Peter Happe Edited by Clifford Davidson

The World and the Chylde
Hardback, 140 pages £19.50
Published: 1999
ISBN: 9781580440516
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Series: Early Drama, Art, and Music, Early Drama, Art, and Music Monograph

The Worlde and the Chylde, issued by the press of Wynkyn de Worde in 1521, is one of the very earliest plays published in England. It also has very considerable interest for its adaptation of the Ages of Man iconography, which is extensively treated in the introduction, notes, and illustrations.

Illustrations Ackowledgements Map of London Introduction A Propre Newe Interlude of The Worlde and the Chylde Textual Notes Critical Notes Appendix I: Verse Structures Appendix II: A Doubling Scheme Appendix III: The Dialect of The Worlde and the Chylde by Paul A. Johnston Jr. Glossary

Clifford Davidson is professor emeritus of English and Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. Peter Happe is a professor of English at the University of Southampton and has published widely on medieval drama and literature.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 140 pages

BIC Code:
  LIT011000, LIT013000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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