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Comparative Perspectives on History and Historians
Essays in Memory of Bryce Lyon (1920-2007)

Edited by Bernard S Bachrach, James M Murray and David Nicholas

Comparative Perspectives on History and Historians
Hardback, 384 pages £78.00
Published: 2012
ISBN: 9781580441681
Format: 233mm x 155mm
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Subjects: Law, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Festschriften, Occasional Papers, and Lectures

Comparative Perspectives on History and Historians: Essays in Memory of Bryce Lyon (1920-2007) features a section of appreciations of Bryce Lyon from the three editors, R. C. Van Caenegem, and Walter Prevenier, followed by three sections on the major areas on which Lyon's research concentrated: the legacy of Henri Pirenne, constitutional and legal history of England and the Continent, and the economic history of the Low Countries. Original essays by Bernard S. Bachrach, David S. Bachrach, Jan Dumolyn, Caroline Dunn, Jelle Haemers, John H. A. Munro, James M. Murray, Anthony Musson, David Nicholas, W. Mark Ormrod, Walter Prevenier, Jeff Rider, Don C. Skemer, and Marci Sortor deepen our understanding of Lyon's career and significance and further our knowledge of the areas in which he worked.

Bryce Lyon: In Memoriam by David Nicholas, Bernard S. Bachrach, and James M. Murray Bryce Lyon: A Personal Memoir by R. C. Van Caenegem Bryce Lyon and the Royal Historical Commission of Belgium by Walter Prevenier Books and Articles of Bryce Lyon Part 1. The Legacy of Henri Pirenne Continuity in Late Antique Gaul: A Demographic and Economic Perspective by Bernard S. Bachrach Henri Pirenne at Work: Editing Galbert of Bruges by Jeff Rider The Urban Typologies of Henri Pirenne and Max Weber: Was There a "Medieval" City? by David Nicholas A Victorious State and Defeated Rebels? Historians' Views of Violence and Urban Revolts in Medieval Flanders by Jelle Haemers Henri Pirenne and Particularism in Late Medieval Flemish Cities: An Intellectual Genealogy by Jan Dumolyn Part 2. Constitutional and Legal History: England and the Continent Ending English Exceptionalism: Bryce Lyon's Legacy for Constitutional and Legal Historians by Caroline Dunn The Good Parliament of 1376: Commons, Communes, and "Common Profit" in Fourteenth-Century English Politics by W. Mark Ormrod Constitutional Discourse in Illuminated English Law Books by Anthony Musson "No more but hang and drawe": Politics and Magic in the Execution of Sir Robert Tresilian, 1388 by Don C. Skemer Military Industrial Production in Thirteenth-Century England: The Case of the Crossbow Bolt by David S. Bachrach Part 3. The Low Countries and Economic History The Notions of Honor and Adultery in the Fifteenth-Century Burgundian Netherlands by Walter Prevenier The Case of the Disappearing Mintmaster by James M. Murray Work, Business, and Investments: Economic Networks in a Fifteenth-Century City by Marci Sortor Coinage Debasements in Burgundian Flanders, 1384-1482: Monetary or Fiscal Policies? by John H. A. Munro Contributors Index

David Nicholas is professor emeritus of History at Clemson University who has published widely on Flanders and urban centers in the late medieval period. Bernard S. Bachrach is a professor of history at the University of Minnesota, cofounding editor of Medieval Prosopography and founding editor of Res Mitiraris. James M. Murray is a professor of History and the former director of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. He has published widely on the Low Countries and medieval economic history.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 384 pages
 233mm x 155mm

BIC Code:
  BUS023000, HIS037010, LAW060000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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