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Medieval English Political Writings

Edited by James M Dean

Medieval English Political Writings
Paperback, 304 pages £19.50
Published: 1996
ISBN: 9781879288645
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: TEAMS Middle English Texts Series

This volume collects poems and historical documents relevant to understanding the political climate of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Britain, many of which have been out of print for a century. This new edition, geared towards classroom use with its notes, introductions, gloss, and glossary, opens up the fascinating study of late medieval English history. This volume contains five sections: Poems of Political Prophecy; Anticlerical Poems and Documents; Literature of Richard II's Reign and the Peasants' Revolt; Poems against Simony and the Abuse of Money; and Plowman Writings-all tied together by a common attitude of satire and complaint, and a distrust of those who may abuse power. This volume would make an excellent source for a class on English satire or late medieval politics.

Preface General Bibliography Chronology Poems of Political Prophecy Introduction Select Bibliography The Prophecy of Merlin (Dublin MS) The Prophecy of Merlin (Bodley MS) The Prophecy of Merlin (Magdalene Coll. MS) Thomas of Erceldoune's Prophecy Ercyldoun's Prophecy When Rome Is Removed Notes Anticlerical Poems and Documents Introduction Select Bibliography Preste, Ne Monke, Ne Yit Chanoun Of Thes Frer Mynours Thou That Sellest the Worde of God Allas, What Schul We Freris Do Freers, Freers, Wo Ye Be The Wycliffite Bible: from the Prologue The Lanterne of Light: Prologue and Chapters 3-5 Lo, He That Can Be Cristes Clerc Notes Literature of Richard II's Reign and the Peasants' Revolt Introduction Select Bibliography Man Be Ware and Be No Fool The Letter of John Ball (Royal MS) The Letter of John Ball (Stow) Addresses of the Commons (Knighton) John Ball's Sermon Theme (Walsingham) On the Times Tax Has Tenet Us Alle Ther Is a Busch That Is Forgrowe Truthe, Reste, and Pes (What Profits a Kingdom) Notes Poems against Simony and the Abuse of Money Introduction Select Bibliography Beati qui esuriunt The Simonie Above All Thing Thow Arte a Kyng In Erth It Es a Litill Thing (Sir Penny) London Lickpenny Notes Plowman Writings Introduction Select Bibliography Song of the Husbandman God Spede the Plough I-blessyd Be Cristes Sonde Chaucer's Plowman Notes Glossary

James M. Dean is Professor of English at the University of Delaware. His research interests center on medieval literature, particularly English writers of the later medieval period.

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 Paperback , 304 pages

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  HIS037010, POE000000, POL000000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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