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Cornish Studies Volume 7

Edited by Philip Payton

Cornish Studies Volume 7
Paperback, 256 pages £25.00
Published: 1999
ISBN: 9780859896443
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Subjects: Cornish Studies, History, South-West Studies
Series: Cornish Studies

The seventh volume in the acclaimed paperback series . . . the only county series that can legitimately claim to represent the past and present of a nation.

Contributions by
Catherine Brace, Brian Elvins, Michael Everson, Jim Hall, John Hurst, Patrick Laviolette, Jon Mills, William A. Morris, Philip Payton, Ronald Perry, Sharron P. Schwartz, Garry Tregidga and Nicholas Williams

1. Introduction

2. In Defence of Customary Rights: Labouring Women's Experience of Industrialization in Cornwall, c1750-1870, Sharron P. Schwartz

3. An Investigation into Migration Patterns for the Parish of Zennor in Cornwall during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century, William A. Morris

4. The Lemon Family Interest in Cornish Politics, Brian Elvins

5. Socialism and the Old Left: The Labour Party in Cornwall during the Inter-War Period, Garry Tregidga

6. The Changing Face of Celtic Tourism in Cornwall, 1875-1975, Ronald Perry

7. An Iconography of Landscape Images in Cornish Art and Prose, Patrick Laviolette

8. Cornish Identity and Landscape in the Work of Arthur Caddick, Catherine Brace

9. A Poetry of Dark Sounds: The Manuscripts of Charles Causley, John Hurst

10. Maximilla, the Cornish Montanist: The Final Scenes of Origo Mundi, Jim Hall

11. Reconstructive Phonology and Contrastive Lexicology: Problems with the Gerlyver Kernewek Kemmyn, Jon Mills

12. 'Saint' in Cornish, N.J.A. Williams

Review Article

13. 'An Event of Great Signicance' [sic]: A Review of George's Gerlyver Kres, Michael Everson

'...essential reading for any 'student of Cornwall'' (Cornish Forefathers Society, April 1999)

'Cornish Studies provides a fresh, accessible and illuminating insight into the many-sided history and culture of Cornwall. The interdisciplinary and comparative approach encouraged by the editor, Philip Payton, has proved particularly rewarding and has deepened our understanding of Celtic societies in general.' (Professor Geraint H. Jenkins, Director of the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth)

Philip Payton is Professor of Cornish and Australian Studies in the University of Exeter and Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies at the University’s Cornwall campus. He is also the author of A.L. Rowse in Cornwall: A Paradoxical Patriot and numerous other books on Cornwall and the Cornish.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 256 pages

BIC Code:
  HIS015000, HIS018000
 University of Exeter Press


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