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Cornish Studies Volume 15

By Philip Payton

Cornish Studies Volume 15
Paperback, 272 pages £25.00
Published: 2009
ISBN: 9780859898089
Format: 229mm x 150mm
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Subjects: Cornish Studies, History, South-West Studies
Series: Cornish Studies

The fifteenth volume in the acclaimed paperback series . . . the only county series that can legitimately claim to represent the past and present of a nation.

Contributions by
Bernard Deacon, John Dirring, Charles Fahey, D. H. Frost, Ronald M. James, Alan M. Kent, Philip Payton, Garry Tregidga and Nicholas Williams


1. The Cornish Englyn, Nicholas J. A. Williams

2. Glasney's Parish Clergy and the Tregear Manuscript, D. H. Frost

3. 'We don't travel much, only to South Africa': Reconstructing Nineteenth-century Cornish Migration Patterns, Bernard Deacon

4. From St Just to St Just Point: Cornish Migration to Nineteenth-century, Victoria Charles Fahey

5. Home Away From Home: Cornish Immigrants in Nineteenth-century Nevada, Ronald M. James

6. Representing the Duchy: Francis Acland and Cornish Politics, 1910-1922, Garry Tregidga

7. John Betjeman and the Holy Grail: One Man's Celtic Quest, Philip Payton

8. Alex Parks, Punks and Pipers: Towards a History of Popular Music in Cornwall 1967-2007, Alan M. Kent

9. Economic Theory and Cornwall, John Dirring

'The outcome and intention has been to place Cornwall squarely in new debates about the nature of "Britishness" and the territorial identities.' (Western Morning News)

'Cornish Studies is probably the only 'county' series that can legitimately claim to represent the past and present of a nation. As such it consistently provides rich material for the understanding of the British past and present as a whole, and of their impact on the wider world.' (Ronald Hutton, Professor of History, University of Bristol)

'I am deeply impressed by the Cornish Studies series. As a researcher on the construction of Englishness and its exclusivities, as well as a specialist on minority cultures, I find its contents thought-provoking and challenging. It is exceptional to find such wide-ranging and truly interdisciplinary approaches within a scholarly series. In particular, its reflexivity and self-criticism is refreshing and stimulating.' (Professor Tony Kushner, Department of History, University of Southampton)

Philip Payton is Professor of Cornish & Australian Studies in the University of Exeter and Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies at the University’s Cornwall campus. He is also the author of A.L. Rowse and Cornwall: A Paradoxical Patriot (UEP, 2005, paperback 2007), Making Moonta: The Invention of ‘Australia’s Little Cornwall’ (UEP, 2007) and numerous other books on Cornwall and the Cornish.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 272 pages
 229mm x 150mm

BIC Code:
  HIS015000, HIS018000, HIS037030, HIS037070, HIS054000
 University of Exeter Press


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