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Cornish Studies Volume 17

By Philip Payton

Cornish Studies Volume 17
Paperback, 232 pages £25.00
Published: 2009
ISBN: 9780859898492
Format: 229mm x 150mm
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Subjects: Cornish Studies, South-West Studies
Series: Cornish Studies

The seventeenth volume in the acclaimed paperback series . . . the only county series that can legitimately claim to represent the past and present of a nation.

Contributions by
Gemma Goodman, Jesse Harasta, Philip Hayward, Rachel Hunt, Kerryn Husk, Alan M. Kent, Ronald Perry, Adrian Rodda, Helen Small, Charles Thurlow, Garry Tregidga, Shelley Trower and Joanie Willett


1. Clayscapes: Views of a Working Landscape, from Poetry to Oral History, Shelley Trower

2. Seeing the Clay Country: The Novels of Jack Clemo, Gemma Goodman

3. A Sustainable Literature? Ecocriticism, Environment and a New Eden in Cornwall’s China-Clay Mining Region, Alan M. Kent

4. A ‘Treasured’ Landscape: Snapshots of Prehistoric Life in mid-Cornwall, Adrian Rodd

5. Historical Development and Sustainable Development, Ronald Perry and Charles Thurlow

6. Electoral Landscapes: Political Ecology of the Clay Country Since 1885, Garry Tregidga

7. Sustainable Communities, Innovation, Social Capital and the Inland China Clay Villages, Joanie Willett

8. Accessing Education in Cornwall: Exploring the Structure/Agency Debate among Potential Students, Kerryn Husk

9. Jynwethek Ylow Kernewek: The Significance of Cornish Techno Music, Philip Hayward

10. ‘Arise St Piran’: The Cult of the Saints and the Redefining of Cornwall, Jesse Harasta

11. ‘This magical Tudor house’: Cotehele and the Concept of Authenticity: A Chronological Review, Graham Busby, Rachel Hunt and Helen Small

12. Cornish Studies: Sixteen

Notes on contributors

"The outcome and intention has been to place Cornwall squarely in new debates about the nature of "Britishness" and the territorial identities." (Western Morning News)

"Cornish Studies is a real gem among the serial publications dedicated to regional studies, and this volume confirms once again its status as a significant contribution to the field of European ethnology and ethnography. One of only a few genuinely multi- and inter-disciplinary series to combine academic rigour with accessibility to a wide readership - thanks to the careful editing by Philip Payton - it contains an important collection of articles which, while maintaining the focus on Cornwall, is of wide comparative relevance in a European context, and indeed beyond. Unafraid of crossing disciplinary boundaries and bringing into close contact academic fields that elsewhere may jealously guard their respective fiefdoms, this series presents European ethnology (in the sense the term was originally intended) at its best". Ullrich Kockel, Professor of Ethnology and Folk Life, Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages, University of Ulster

Philip Payton is Professor of Cornish & Australian Studies in the University of Exeter and Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies at the University's Cornwall campus. He is also the author of A.L. Rowse and Cornwall: A Paradoxical Patriot (UEP, 2005, paperback 2007), Making Moonta: The Invention of 'Australia's Little Cornwall' (UEP, 2007) and numerous other books on Cornwall and the Cornish.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 232 pages
 229mm x 150mm

BIC Code:
  BUS081000, HIS000000, HIS015000, HIS018000, HIS037030, HIS037070, HIS054000, SOC002000, SOC026000
 University of Exeter Press


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