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A Reader of Classical Arabic Literature

By S.A. Bonebakker and M. Fishbein

A Reader of Classical Arabic Literature
Paperback, 248 pages £25.00
Published: 2012
ISBN: 9781937040031
Format: 255mm x 180mm
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Subjects: Arabic and Islamic Studies, Lockwood Press
Series: Resources in Arabic and Islamic Studies

A Reader of Classical Arabic Literature is one of a very small group of resources in English for the teaching of intermediate and advanced level classical Arabic. Based on his lecture notes, the late Seeger Bonebakker designed a superb teaching text, which he then asked his UCLA colleague, Michael Fishbein, to help him annotate and augment. The result is a truly valuable reader, one used widely in the United States and Europe, featuring judicious and instructive selections from such works as Ibn al-Qifti's Inbah al-ruwat, al-Tanukhi's al-Faraj ba'd al-shidda, and al-Dhahabi's Siyar a'lam al-nubala', among others.

Preface to the first printing

Preface to the reprint edition


Chapter 1 - Al-Silafï, from Mu'jam al-Safar, "Makkiyya bt. 'Umar'" "Ibn al-Aghlab iläIbn Rashïq"

Chapter 2 - Ibn al-Quitï, from Inbäh al-ruwat 'alä anbäh al-nuhät, "

Ibn al-Birr al-Siqillï". Arabic Biographical Dictionaries

Chapter 3 - ---- "Tähir b, Bäbshäd"

Chapter 4 - Al-Mu'äfä al Nahrawänï, from k. al-JalÏs al-sälih,

"Shukr wa-radd 'alayh"

Chapter 5 - ---- "Hïlat 'IräqÏ"

Chapter 6 - Al-DhahabÏ, from Siyah a'läm al-nubalä',

"Al-Mu'äfa" Handbooks on the Spelling of Names and Nisbus.

Chapter 7 - Al-Tanükhï, from al-Faraj ba'd al-shidda, "Rajul min ahl al-jund"

Chapter 8 - Muhammad b. Hiläl al-Säbï, from al-Hafawät al-nädira, "Yahyä akhü al-Saffäh"

Chapter 9 - ---- "Bishr b. 'Alï"

Chapter 10 - ---- "Abu 'Alï al-Khäqänï"

Chapter 11 - ---- Al-Bakrï, from K. al-Masäkil wa-'l-mamälik,


Chapter 12 - ---- Al-Isfahänï, from K. al-AghänÏ, "Buthayana"

Chapter 13 - Ibn Jubayr, from Rihlat Ibn Jubayr, "Massïna"

Chapter 14 - Three Poems




Professor Seeger A. Bonebakker (1923-1995), a native of the Netherlands, began teaching at UCLA in 1969 and retired as Professor of Arabic in 1991. Bonebakker was a superlative Arabist, with interests inter alia in adab, poetics, rhetoric, and literary theory; he was also an avid cellist.

Dr. Michael Fishbein, a student of Professor Bonebakker’s, received his Ph.D. in Arabic from UCLA in 1988 and taught Arabic language and literature there from 1988 until his retirement in 2009. He lives in Los Angeles.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 248 pages
 255mm x 180mm

BIC Code:
  LAN012000, LCO003000
 Lockwood Press


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