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Sotira Kaminoudhia
An Early Bronze Age Site in Cyprus

Edited by Stuart Swiny, George Rapp and Ellen Herscher

Sotira Kaminoudhia
Hardback, 300 pages £10.00
Published: 2002
ISBN: 9780897570640
Format: 280mm x 215mm
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Subjects: American Schools of Oriental Research, Ancient Near East, Archaeology
Series: ASOR Archaeological Reports

Includes 102 figures, 136 plates and 17 tables (b/w).

The excavations at Sotira Kaminoudhia in southern Cyprus revealed the remains of tombs and an Early Bronze Age settlement. This is the first Early Bronze Age settlement to be excavated in Cyprus, an era previously known only from mortuary deposits. This volume provides a final report on the excavations and includes specialist studies on various artifact groups, including: ceramics, chipped and ground stone, metals and terracottas. Other chapters focus on the skeletal remains, local flora and fauna, the geology, the environment, and a regional archaeological survey. This important report provides a wealth of new material from the southern part of the island, material that may now be compared with finds from the contemporaneous site of Marki Alonia in the centre of the island.

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Preface   Stuart Swiny, G. Rapp, Ellen Herscher

Chapter 1. Introduction   G. Rapp, Stuart Swiny

Chapter 2. The Settlement, with an Appendix on Roof Beams in Cypriot Vernacular Architecture   Stuart Swiny

Chapter 3. The Cemetery   Stuart Swiny, Ellen Herscher

Chapter 4. The Ceramics, with an Appendix on Pottery in the Chalcolithic Tradition by Clark A. Walz   Ellen Herscher

Chapter 5. Petrographic Analysis of Pottery from Sotira   Sarah Vaughan

Chapter 6. The Ground Stone   Stuart Swiny

Chapter 7. The Knapped Stone   Alice Kingsnorth

Chapter 8. The Metal, with an Appendix on Archaeometallurgical Studies by Claudio Giardino, Giovanni E. Gigante, and Stefano Ridolfi   Stuart Swiny

Chapter 9. The Terracottas   Clark A. Walz, Stuart Swiny

Chapter 10. The Human Skeletal Remains   Carola Schulte Campbell

Chapter 11. The Animal Remains   Paul Croft

Chapter 12. The Botanical Remains   Julie Hansen

Chapter 13. The Mollusks   David S. Reese

Chapter 14. Geologic and Geomorphic Setting and Resources   G. Rapp

Chapter 15. The Regional Archaeological Survey   Steve O. Held

Chapter 16. An Environmental Survey Near Paramali Village, Limassol, with Appendices on the Weather, Plants, Reptiles and Amphibians, Mammals, Insects, and Birds   Wouter van Warmelo

Chapter 17. Chronology   Ellen Herscher, Stuart Swiny

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As Associate Professor at the University of Albany, Stuart Swiny teaches the art and archaeology of Cyprus from prehistory to the present; the history of ancient Greece; Islamic art and architecture; and the art and architecture of the ancient world up to the Etruscans. Since excavating in Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan in the 1960s and 1970s, his research has focused on the eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus with emphasis on early island colonization, the emergence of complex society, the development of cult and ritual, archaeometallurgy, lithic and ceramic analysis. Swiny also serves as director of the Institute of Cypriot Studies at the University.

George Rapp is the Regents Professor Emeritus at University of Minnesota, Duluth, at which he specializes in geoarchaeology. Rapp's interests include archaeological geology, archaeological geology of the eastern Mediterranean region, trace-element fingerprinting of artifacts, and Shang archaeology of China. Rapp also serves as a fellow of the Geological Society of America and charter member of the Society of Professional Archaeologists, the Board of Directors of which he was a member twice.

Ellen Herscher has specialized in Cypriot archaeology for forty years, participating in excavations and research at numerous sites throughout the island and living there for a spell. She has published extensively on the Bronze Age and on the preservation of archaeological resources. Herscher is currently a consulting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

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 Hardback , 300 pages
 280mm x 215mm

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 American Schools of Oriental Research


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