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The Tafila-Busayra Archaeological Survey 1999-2001, West-central Jordan

By Burton MacDonald

The Tafila-Busayra Archaeological Survey 1999-2001, West-central Jordan
Hardback, 300 pages £82.00
Published: 2004
ISBN: 9780897570664
Format: 280mm x 215mm
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Subjects: American Schools of Oriental Research, Ancient Near East, Archaeology
Series: ASOR Archaeological Reports

Includes 36 figures, 23 tables, 90 lithic drawings, 33 architectural drawings, and 38 photos (b/w).

This report presents the archaeological evidence for human settlement and land use in the Tafila-Busayra region of southern Jordan from the Palaeolithic (ca. 500,000 BP) to the 20th century AD.

The 480-square-kilometre survey stretched from Tafila and Busayra in the west to Jurf ad-Darawish in the east, adjoining areas earlier surveyed by MacDonald - the Wadi al-Hasa (1979-1983) and the southern Ghor and northeast Arabah (1985-1986). Using a combination of random and purposive sampling, reinvestigation of documented sites, and aerial photography, the survey recorded some 290 sites, ranging from the well known Iron Age citadel at Busayra to architectural ruins, camp sites and cemeteries along with isolated sherd or lithic scatters and other cultural features such as watch towers, terraces, water channels, quarries and roads.

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1. Introduction   Burton MacDonald

2. Regional Geological Setting of the Tafila, Busayra, and Jurf ad-Darawish Areas   Khaled Moumani

3. Exploring Prehistoric Land-Use Patterns in the Tafila-Busayra Survey Ares   Michael P. Neeley

4. Settlement Patterns during the Neolithic-Islamic Periods in the Tafila-Busayra Survey Area   Burton MacDonald

5. Trend Surfaces: From Site Location and Random Square, Pottery-Count Data   Burton MacDonald and Marcy Rockman

6. Random Square Descriptions (Zones 1,2,3, and Busayra)   Burton MacDonald, Larry G. Herr, and Michael P. Neeley

7. Site Descriptions (1-290)   Burton MacDonald, Larry G. Herr, and Michael P. Neeley

8. Summary and Conclusions   Burton MacDonald


1. Two "Recycled" Inscriptions from the Tafila-Busayra Archaeological Survey   Traianos Gagos

2. TBAS Material Culture



Burton MacDonald is a professor in the Department of Religious Studies at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. MacDonald has written a variety of books and scholarly articles about the archaeology, history and biblical importance of Jordan.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 300 pages
 280mm x 215mm

BIC Code:
 American Schools of Oriental Research


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