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English Texts
Frankish and Turkish Periods

Edited by Paul W. Wallace, Andreas G. Orphanides and David W. Martin

English Texts
Paperback, 314 pages £12.00
Published: 1998
ISBN: 9780965170451
Format: 274mm x 213mm
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Subjects: English and American Literature, Greece and Cyprus Research Center, Sources for the History of Cyprus
Series: Sources for the History of Cyprus

This volume collects the English texts written by visitors to Cyprus between the early 15th century up til 1878. In this period, the island was ruled by the Franks and the Turks. Also included are passages from Chaucer and Sir John Mandeville. All texts are extensive for what was actually written at the time, so nothing has been excluded from this volume concerning English representations. Towards the end of the period  book-length texts appear focusing solely on Cyprus, so some texts have been excerpted.


English Texts: Frankish and Turkish Periods

Mandeville 1322-1356

Chaucer 1340?-1400

Wey 1458

Locke 1553

Aldersey 1581, 1586

Wrag 1595

Moryson 1596

Dallam 1599

Sandys 1610

Lithgow 1611

Ricaut 1678

Thompson 1734

Montague 1738

Pococke 1738

Drummond 1745, 1750 [Plates 1-6]

Ives 1758

Bruce 1768

Journal 1779

Sibthorp 1787

Carlyle 1800

Leake 1800

Wittman 1800

Clarke 1801

Hume 1801

Browne 1802

Mayer 1803

Smyth 1810-1824

Bramsen 1814

Kinneir 1814

Light 1814 [Plate 7]

Turner 1815 [Plate 7]

Parsons 1821

Goodell 1823

Carne 1826

Frankland 1827

Wilson 1829

Disraeli 1831

Gordon 1832

Kirkland 1832

Burton 1837

Cass 1837

Wilde 1838

Summer 1839

Neale 1842

Kinglake 1834

Barclay 1859

Warner 1865-1876?

Poole 1869

L. Cesnola 1871

Riddell 1873

A. Cesnola 1873, 1876

Farley 1877

Lang 1860s-1878 [Plate 8]



Andreas G. Orphanides is Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the President of the European Association of Higher Education Institutions (EURASHE) that represents over 1400 European universities, polytechnics and other higher education institutions

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 314 pages
 274mm x 213mm

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 Greece and Cyprus Research Center


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