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To Chronico tou Tatoiou, A & B tomos
2-volume set (Greek language text)

By Kostas M Stamatopoulos

To Chronico tou Tatoiou, A & B tomos
Hardback, 786 pages £138.00
Published: 2004
ISBN: 9789607037619
Format: 300mm x 235mm
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Subjects: European Studies, History

Distributed by University of Exeter Press.

The Chronicle of Tatoϊ, Volume A 1800-1916 and Volume B 1917-2003, two-volumes, slipcased. Vol A 463pp, Vol B 323pp. 367 illustrations.

A history of Tatoï, the summer palace and estate of the former Greek royal family. This book presents a detailed history of a building that was unique by virtue of the nature of its owners. The text embraces many realities simultaneously, thanks to the use of a variety of historical sources, ranging from official state documents to personal diaries and correspondence.

Against a continuously renewed natural and architectural background, readers see the history unfolding of four or five generations of men, from labourers and peasants to members of the royal family. The latter are often approached by the author, through their hitherto unknown private documents and personal reminiscences, as private individuals. At the same time, Tatoï is used as a reference point through which readers follow the course of Greek political, social and diplomatic history over the period of about a century (1871-1973). Photographs, drawings and maps supplement the text.


Publication Details:

 Hardback , 786 pages
 300mm x 235mm
367 illustrations

BIC Code:
  HIS010000, HIS037030, HIS037070
 Kapon Editions


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