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Introduction to the Italian Longsword
A Step-by-Step Guide to the Fundamentals of Longsword Combat

Introduction to the Italian Longsword
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DVD-ROM £28.80
Published: 2019
ISBN: 9781937439347
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Subjects: Freelance Academy Press, History, Medieval Studies, Military History

Internationally renowned swordsman and instructor Devon Boorman demonstrates the fundamentals of Medieval longsword combat. Solo and partnered exercises teach the foundation of this martial art. Suitable for beginners of all age levels and physical abilities.  DVD, running time 100 minutes.

1. Introduction to the Longsword

2. The Cut: Six Powerful Blows

3. Posture: Standing in Guard

4. The Thrust: Five Deadly Strikes

5. Attacking with Safety & Intention

6. Measure: Moving to the Target

7. Tempo: Opportunities to Attack

8. Defense & Counter Attack

9. From Drilling to Combat

10. Conclusion

Devon Boorman has practised martial arts for over 20 years.  Winner of more than 40 European competitions, he has also worked on stage and screen as a stunt person and choreographer.  He is the co-founder and director of Academie Duello, Centre for Swordplay, which has been active in the Vancouver area since 2004. The Academie is currently the largest Western Martial Arts centre in the world, with over 200 active students and an arms and armour museum.

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