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BIC Excellence Award

Studies in Eighteenth Century French Literature
Presented to Robert Niklaus

Edited by John Howard Fox

Studies in Eighteenth Century French Literature
Hardback, 363 pages £75.00
Published: 1975
ISBN: 9780859890502
Format: 290mm x 220mm
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Subjects: European Literature, University of Exeter Press

These Studies in Eighteenth-Century French Literature presented to Robert Niklaus  were written by former students and colleagues and by his friends, to mark his retirement in 1975. The articles all relate to the French Enlightenment, Professor Niklaus's main academic interest, but vay in approach and subject.

Six articles deal with aspects of the works of Diderot: his philosophy, aesthetics, narrative art and style.  There are articles on Voltaire - his social, political and philosophical attitudes - and on Montesquieu, among others.

The book as a whole is evidence of the continuing vitality of the Enlightenment and makes a fitting complement to Professor Niklaus's own important and lively contribution to eighteenth-century studies.

W. H. BARBER Voltaire at Cirey

DAVID BERRY Diderot's Optics

THEODORE BESTERMAN Three Additions to Voltaire Biography

MICHAEL CARTWRIGHT Diderot and the Idea of Performance and the Performer

JANE MARSH DIECKMANN 'A Zerbina Penseret': A Note on Diderot's Epigraph

E. L. DUTHIE L'Orage

OTIS FELLOWS George Berkely, His Door and the Philosophes

JOHN FOX An Eighteenth-Century Student of Medieval Literature: Bernard de La Monnoye

BASIL GUY The Prince de Ligne and the Exemplification of Herois Virture in the Eighteenth Century

D. R. HAGGIS Beaumarchais and the Early Balzac

SUSAN HAYWARD Two Anti-Novels: Molloy and Jacques le Fataliste

R.A. LEIGH Rousseau's English Pension

JENNIFER LONGHURST Lesage and the Spanish Tradition

J. LOUGH Who were the Philosophes?

ROLAND MORTIER Un Magistrat 'ame sensible' Le President Dupaty (1746-1788)

LYNETTE R. MUIR King Arthur: Style Louis XVI

VIVIENNE MYLNE Dialogue as Narrative in Eighteenth-Century French Fiction

NORMA PERRY French and English Merchants in the Eighteenth Century: Voltaire Revisited

JACQUES PROUST De Sylvain Marechal a Maiakovki

ROBERT SHACKLETON A Supposed Letter of Montesquieu in 1795

CHRISTINE M. SINGH The Lettre sur les Aveugles

J. S.S SPINK The Clandestine Book Trade in 1752

LEONARD TANCOCK Reflections on the Sequel to Le Paysan parvenu

ROBERT S. TATE Voltaire and the Question of Law and Order in the Eighteenth Century

P. M. W. THODY Le Neveu de Rameau and the Awareness of Mediocrity

P. VERNIERE Les Liasions Dangereuses: d'une moral des faits aa une moreale de la signification

MARK H. WADDICOR Montesquieu and the Theatre

DEREK A. WATTS Testimonies of Persecution: Four Hugenot Refugees and their Memoirs

P. J. YARROW A Cosmopolitan Country Clergyman: Louis Dutens


John Fox was Professor of Medieval French, University of Exeter

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 363 pages
 290mm x 220mm

BIC Code:
  HIS037030, LIT000000
 University of Exeter Press


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