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Studies in Medieval Islamic Intellectual Traditions

By Hassan Ansari and Sabine Schmidtke

Studies in Medieval Islamic Intellectual Traditions
Paperback, 508 pages £37.00
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9781937040918
Format: 253mm x 178mm
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Subjects: History, Lockwood Press, Philosophy and Religion
Series: Resources in Arabic and Islamic Studies

This book focuses on aspects of Islamic thought in Iran and Yemen, and other regions of the Middle East, from the ninth to the fifteenth century CE, through a close study of manuscript materials.

The book's seventeen chapters are arranged under five rubrics: Mu'tazilism, Zaydism in Iran and in Yemen, Twelver Shi'ism, Mysticism, and Bibliographical Traditions.

The appearance of these studies together in a single volume makes this book a significant and welcome contribution to the field of classical Islamic Studies.




Series Editors’ Preface



1.     Mu?tazilism after ?Abd al-?abb?r: Ab? Raš?d al-N?s?b?r?’s K. Mas??il al-?il?f f? l-U??l

2.     Mu?tazilism in Rayy and Astar?b?d: Ab? l-Fa?l al-?Abb?s b. Šarw?n

3.     The Mu?tazilite and Zayd? Reception of Ab? l-?usayn al-Ba?r?’s K. al-Mu?tamad f? U??l al-Fiqh: A Bibliographical Note

4.     Y?suf al-Ba??r’s Rebuttal of Ab? l-?usayn al-Ba?r? in a Yemeni Zayd? Manuscript of the Seventh/Thirteenth Century (with Wilferd Madelung)

Zaydism in Iran

5.     The Zayd? Reception of Ibn ?all?d’s K. al-U??l: The Ta?l?q of Ab? ??hir b. ?Al? al-?aff?r

6.     Iranian Zaydism during the Seventh/Thirteenth Century: Ab? l-Fa?l b. Šahrdaw?r al-Daylam? al-??l?n? and His Commentary on the Qur??n

Zaydism in Yemen

7.     The Cultural Transfer of Zayd? and Non-Zayd? Religious Literature from Northern Iran to

Yemen, Sixth/Twelfth through Eighth/Fourteenth Centuries

8.     The Literary-Religious Tradition among Seventh/Thirteenth-Century Yemen? Zayd?s (I): The Formation of Imam al-Mahd? li-D?n All?h A?mad b. al-?usayn b. al-Q?sim

9.     The Literary-Religious Tradition among Seventh/Thirteenth-Century Yemeni Zayd?s (II): The Case of ?Abd All?h b. Zayd al-?Ans?

10.  Between Aleppo and ?a?da: The Zayd? Reception of the Im?mite Scholar Ibn al-Bi?r?q al-?ill?

11.   Zayd? Theology in Yemen, Third/Ninth through Ninth/Fifteenth Centuries (with Jan Thiele)

12.  Zayd? Theology in Seventh/Thirteenth-Century Yemen: ?Abd All?h b. Zayd al-?Ans? and His K. al-Ma?a??a al-Bay??? f? U??l al-D?n

Twelver Š??ism

13.  The Twelver Š??? Reception of Mu?tazilism

14.  Al-Šay? al-??s?: His Writings on Theology and Their Reception

15.  Al-Šay? al-??s?’s Muqaddama f  ?l-Mad?al il? K-?Ilm alal?m: A Critical Edition


16.  Ab? Sa?d al-?arg?š? and his K. al-Law?mi?: A ??f? Guide Book for Preachers from Fourth/Tenth-Century Nishapur

Bibliographical Traditions

17.  Bibliographical Practices in Islamic Societies, with an Analysis of MS Berlin, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Hs. or. 13525




Hassan Ansari is a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, with a PhD from the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) of the Sorbonne, Paris. His publications include Accusations of Unbelief in Islam: A Diachronic Perspective on Takfir (edited with. Camilla Adang, Maribel Fierro, and Sabine Schmidtke; (2015), L'imamat et l'Occultation selon l'imamisme: Étude bibliographique et histoire des textes (2017), and a critical edition of Ibn al-Malahimi's Tuhfat al-mutakallimin fi l-radd 'ala l-falasifa (2008, with Wilferd Madelung).

Sabine Schmidtke is Professor of Islamic Intellectual History in the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 508 pages
 253mm x 178mm

BIC Code:
  HIS026000, HIS037010, REL000000, REL037000
 Lockwood Press


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