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Concluding the Neolithic
The Near East in the Second Half of the Seventh Millennium BCE

Edited by Arkadiusz Marciniak

Concluding the Neolithic
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Paperback £78.00
Published: 2019
ISBN: 9781937040833
Format: 228mm x 152mm
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Series: Material and Visual Culture of the Ancient Near East

The second half of the seventh millennium BC saw the demise of the previously affluent and dynamic Neolithic way of life. The period is marked by significant social and economic transformations of local communities, as manifested in a new spatial organization, patterns of architecture, burial practices, and in chipped stone and pottery manufacture. This volume has three foci. The first concerns the character of these changes in different parts of the Near East with a view to placing them in a broader comparative perspective. The second concerns the social and ideological changes that took place at the end of Neolithic and the beginning of the Chalcolithic that help to explain the disintegration of constitutive principles binding the large centers, the emergence of a new social system, as well as the consequences of this process for the development of full-fledged farming communities in the region and beyond. The third concerns changes in lifeways: subsistence strategies, exploitation of the environment, and, in particular, modes of procurement, consumption, and distribution of different resources.

Arkadiusz Marciniak is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Poznan, Poland and Professor at Faculty of Education, Humanities & Law, School of Humanities and Creative Arts, Flinders University, Australia. Among his recent publications are Placing Animals in the Neolithic. Social Zooarchaeology of Prehistoric Farming Communities (UCL, 2005) and Grahame Clark and His Legacy (with John Coles; Cambridge Scholars, 2010).

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 228mm x 152mm

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  HIS002000, HIS026000, SOC003000
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