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People on the Move
Framework, Means, and Impact of Mobility across the Eastern Mediterranean Region in the 8th to 6th Century BCE

Edited by Pearce Paul Creasman and Melanie Wasmuth

People on the Move
Paperback, 133 pages £41.00
Published: 2017
ISBN: 9781541232907
Format: 279mm x 216mm
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Subjects: Anthropology, Archaeology, Egyptology, University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition
Series: Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections

The workshop “People on the Move: Framework, Means, and Impact of Mobility across the East Mediterranean Region in the 8th to 6th Century BC,” held at the University of Basel in Switzerland from 3-6 August 2015, which forms the basis of this volume, addressed the question of how the increased cross-regional mobility of people and commodities in the wake of the Kushite, Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, and early Achaemenid expansions into the eastern Mediterranean affected travellers, the communities they left behind, and the communities that received them.

As demonstrated by the papers published here, the diversity of the sources this period and place requires a large number of specializations, both within the various area studies and regarding cross-regional connectivity.



The Eastern Mediterranean Area of Connectivity in the 8th-6th Century BCE-Setting an Agenda Melanie Wasmuth


‘He Will Raise an Ensign to a Nation Afar, Whistle to One at the End of the Earth’: The Assyrian and Babylonian Armies as Described in Prophetic Texts and Mesopotamian Inscriptions Idan Breier

Egypt and Assyria in Isaiah 11:11-16 Dan'el Khan

Pharaonic Prelude-Being on the Move in Ancient Egypt from Predynastic Times to the End of the New Kingdom Heidi Köpp-Junk

The Standard of Living of the Judean Military Colony at Elephantine in Persian Period Egypt Alexander Schütze

Cultural and Religious Impacts of Long-Term Cross-Cultural Migration Between Egypt and the Levant Thomas Staubli

Cross-Regional Mobility in ca. 700 BCE: The Case of Ass. 8642a/IstM A 1924 Melanie Wasmuth

Synthesis: Summaries and Responses: The Editors & Authors


Melanie Wasmuth is Visiting Scholar at the Leiden Institute for Area Studies

Pearce Paul Creasman is an archaeologist in the fields of Egyptology, maritime archaeology, and dendrochronology.  He is Associate Professor and curator in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and director of the University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 133 pages
 279mm x 216mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002030, HIS026000, SOC003000
 University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition


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