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Introduction to the Italian Rapier

By Devon Boorman

Introduction to the Italian Rapier
Paperback, 178 pages £26.50
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9781937439354
Format: 178mm x 255mm
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Subjects: Freelance Academy Press, History, Military History

The Italian school of swordsmanship was highly influential amongst the major courts of Europe and produced scholarly writings that are still reprinted and studied today. The rapier was the weapon of choice in the Renaissance at the peak of the duelling era; heavier than its modern counterparts, capable both of thrusting and cutting, it was often used along with a dagger, shield, or cloak.

Devon Boorman sets out the foundation for the art of the rapier through a clear modern approach. Beginning with the basics of body mechanics, through the techniques of movement, and the aspects of timing and blade control that made the Italian school so revered. Guidance on training and development of the techniques presented here are valuable and informative for practitioners of nearly any hand-to-hand weapons tradition.

1. Introduction to the Rapier
2. Posture
3. Attack & Measure
4. Movement
5. Gaining the Sword
6. Approaching Different Guards
7. Recovering Control
8. Defence and Counter-Offence
9. Tempo
10. Strategy
11. From Drill to Combat
12. Appendix - Notes on Historical Terms - Glossary
13. Endnotes



Devon Boorman is the Director and Maestro d'Armi of Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay in Vancouver, Canada, and has practised martial arts for over 20 years.  Winner of more than 40 European competitions, he has worked on stage and screen as a stunt person and choreographer.  He is actively involved in the translation, interpretation, and revival of Western Martial Arts from surviving historical manuals, several of which are on display in the Academie Duello museum. The Academie is currently the largest Western Martial Arts centre in the world, with over 200 active students and an arms and armour museum.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 178 pages
 178mm x 255mm

BIC Code:
  HIS027000, HIS037020, SPO027000, SPO071000
 Freelance Academy Press


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