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Philosophical Works
On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology

Edited and translated by Joseph C. McLelland

Philosophical Works
Paperback, 396 pages £20.00
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9780999552766
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Series: Peter Martyr Library, Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies

This volume is devoted to Vermigli's philosophical writings, consisting of topics from commentaries with sections on "reason and revelation," "body and soul," "knowledge of God," "providence, miracles, and responsibility," and "freewill and predestination." Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499-1562) is considered to be one of the most important Italian reformers of the early modern period. Martyr is the subject of renewed interest for historical and theological scholars. The Peter Martyr Library, a series of critical English translations of the chief works of Peter Martyr Vermigli, allows his own words in context to speak for themselves.

Abbreviations Used in this Volume General Editors' Preface Translator's Introduction Florence, Padua, and Beyond The Intellect: One and Immortal "Reformed Scholasticism" Providence and Predestination Philosophy and Scripture Selection of Texts Part One: Reason and Revelation About the Translation Philosophy and Theology: Vermigli's Introduction to the Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics Nature and Grace: Commentaries on Romans 1 and 1 Samuel 5 Part Two: Body and Soul About the Translation The Image of God: Commentary on Genesis Resurrection: Commentary on 2 Kings 4 Part Three: Our Knowledge of God About the Translation Visions: How and How Far God May be Known. Commentary on Judges 6 Dreams: Commentary on Judges 7:13 Part Four: Providence, Miracles, and Responsibility About the Translation Providence: Commentaries on Genesis and Samuel Miracles: Commentary on Judges Whether God is the Author of Sin: Commentary on 2 Samuel 16 Part Five: Free Will and Predestination About the Translations Free Will: Common Places, Appendix Three Summaries: Common Places, Appendix Free Will 3 Providence and Predestination Whether God Is the Author of Sin About the Translator Scripture References Index

"Praise and thanks to the general editorsthe translators, and others involved in establishing and bringing to publication the Peter Martyr Library." Richard M. Spielmann, Church History

Joseph C. McLelland is emeritus professor of McGill University and of The Presbyterian College, Montreal, and general editor of the Peter Martyr Library. His writings in philosophy and theology include The Visible Words of God: The Sacramental Theology of Peter Martyr Vermigli (1957) and The Life, Early Letters and Eucharistic Writings of Peter Martyr (with G. E. Duffield; 1989).

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 Paperback , 396 pages

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  PHI022000, REL051000, REL067000, REL067080
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