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Le Mariage Force

By Molière Edited by Julia Prest

Le  Mariage Force
Paperback, 57 pages £20.00
Published: 2000
ISBN: 9780859896436
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Subjects: European Literature, European Studies
Series: Exeter French Texts

The principal aim of this edition is to provide a reliable version of the text of Le Mariage forcé which can be used by students and scholars of 17th-century theatre. Le Mariage forcé, a little-known work, is a particularly interesting example of the comédie-ballet genre as it was written and performed by Molière and his troupe in three different versions over a period of eight years. First performed in front of Louis XIV and his court, complete with music, ballet and singing, the play also marks Molière’s first work in which Louis XIV took an active role.

The book includes all the texts which existed in Molière’s lifetime, and examines the development of the genre in the years from 1664 when it was first performed, to 1672 when new songs and balletic interludes were added.

This is a volume in the Textes littéraires/Exeter French Texts. The text, introduction and essential notes are all in French.

Frontispice: Gravure de la derniere scene du Mariage force, accompagnant le texte dans l'edition de 1682, II; INTRODUCTION; 1. Introduction, V; 2. Le Mariage force (1664), VIII; 3. Le Mariage force (1668), XVII; 4. Le Mariage force (1672), XXI; 5. Le Texte, XXIX; Sources Imprimees, XXX; Manuscrits, XXXI; Texte de la presente edition, XXXI; BIBLIOGRAPHIE, XXXII; PARTITIONS MUSICALES, XXXIV; DISCOGRAPHIE, XXXIV; LE MARIAGE FORCE; Livret de 1664, 2; Texte de 1668, 11; Textes ajoutes en 1672, 53; ILLUSTRATIONS; Page de titre du livret de 1664, 1; Page de titre de la premiere edition, 1668, 10.


Julia Prest is a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford.

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 Paperback , 57 pages

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 University of Exeter Press


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