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Images in Action
The Southern Andean Iconographic Series

Edited by William H. Isbell, Anne Tiballi, Mauricio I. Uribe and Edward P. Zegarra

Images in Action
Hardback, 822 pages £107.00
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9781938770142
Format: 278mm x 215mm
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Subjects: Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art & Art History, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press
Series: Cotsen Advanced Seminars

Emanating from a colloquium in pre-Columbian art and archaeology held at the University of Chile in Santiago, Images in Action presents interpretations of a large corpus of art and iconography from the Southern and South-Central Andes, bringing together some of the most esteemed scholars in the field.

More than thirty authors, all with extensive experience in the Southern Andes, examine artifacts, artworks, textiles, archaeology and architecture to develop creative new insights on the cultural interactions between people in prehistoric western South America. The volume’s nearly 700 images - many in colour - are archived in an online database with metadata, fully referenced in the text, and searchable.

1: Introduction: Social Interactions in the Southern Andes by William H. Isbell
2: Identification, Definition, and Continuities of the Yaya-Mama Religious Tradition in the Titicaca Basin by Sergio J. Chávez
3: Late Formative Period Ceramics from Pukara: Insights from Excavations on the Central Pampa by Elizabeth A. Klarich and Ceclia Chávez Justo
4: Stone Stelae of the Southern Basin: A Stylistic Chronology of Ancestral Personages by John Wayne Janusek and Arik Ohnstad
5: Travels of the Rayed Head: Textile Movement and the Concepts of Center and Periphery in the Southern Andes by Ann H. Peters
6: Front-Face Deity Motifs and Themes in the Southern Andean Iconographic Series by Joerg Haeberli
7: The Tiwanaku Ceramic Offerings of the Island of Pariti, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia by Antti Korpisaari
8: The Tiwanaku Style in Cochabamba: How “Derived” Was It? by Karen Anderson
9: Gods and Goddesses in Diaspora: Gender, Patriarchy, and Resistance in Tiwanaku Ceramic Iconography by Paul S. Goldstein
10: Tiwanaku in the Tarapacá Region (Chile): Realities or Illusions in the Desert? by Carolina Agüero and Mauricio I. Uribe
11: Visionary Plants and SAIS Iconography in San Pedro de Atacama and Tiahuanaco by Constantino Manuel Torres
12: San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile: The Domestic Ceramics of the Late Formative and Middle Period by Emily Stovel and Michael A. Diebel
13: Exploring the SAIS throughout the Middle Horizon in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile by Christina Torres-Rouff and Mark Hubbe
14: Symbols, Offerings, and Metallic Goods from the Puna and Quebrada de Humahuaca, Northwestern Argentina by Myriam N. Tarragó
15: Ayacucho and the Staff God Pantheon: Wari, Tiwanaku, and the Late SAIS Era by William H. Isbell
16: Art and Elite Political Machinations in the Middle Horizon Andes by Donna J. Nash
17: Wari Textiles, Vehicles of Ideology, and Power during the Andean Middle Horizon: Iconography of the Weavings from Huaca Malena, Asia Valley by Rommel Angeles Falcón
18: The Middle Horizon and Southern Andean Iconographic Series on the Central Coast of Peru by Peter Eeckhout
19: Interacting Polities on the North Coast of Peru: The Moche and Wari Dilemma by Hélène Bernier and Claude Chapdelaine
20: Mothers and Others: Female Images and Life Cycle Rituals in the Southern Andes by JoEllen Burkholder
21: Huari, Tiahuanaco, and SAIS: The Local and the Foreign in the Iconography of the Empire by Krzystof Makowski
22: Snake, Fish, and Toad/Frog Iconography in the Ceramic Caches of Pariti, Bolivia by Martti Pärssinen
23: Founding Fathers of the Middle Horizon: Quests and Conquests for Andean Identity in the Wari Empire by Patricia J. Knobloch
24: From Structure to Cognition: The “Logic of Models” in the Pattern Systems of Middle Horizon Tapestry Tunics by Mary Frame
25: Circum-Puna Style in the Art of Pre-Hispanic Hallucinogenic Paraphernalia (Atacama and Northwestern Argentina) by Helena Horta Tricallotis
26: Conclusion: SAIS and the Study of Southern Andean Prehistory by William H. Isbell


William H. Isbell is a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the State University of New York at Binghamton, USA, where he has taught since 1971.

Mauricio I. Uribe is an associate professor at the Universidad de Chile, where he has worked since 1998.

Anne Tiballi is the Director of Academic Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, USA.

Edward P. Zegarra received his PhD in Anthropology from Binghamton University, USA, in 2018.

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Publication Details:

 Hardback , 822 pages
 278mm x 215mm

BIC Code:
  ART015000, HIS038000, SOC002000, SOC003000
 Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press


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