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Uhlans in Larissa
(Greek language edition)

By Athina Cacouri

Uhlans in Larissa
Paperback, 408 pages £20.00
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9786185209261
Format: 210mm x 150mm
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Subjects: European Studies, History, Kapon Editions, Politics

Why did the allies of the Triple Entente (Russia, France, and the United Kingdom) victimise this small country and persecute its king with false accusations, why the many depredations, the seizing of Greek warships and war material, the bombing of Athens, the endless fake news produced in Greece but reproduced and amplified in Paris, why the enormities of hundreds of German submarines refuelling in Greece, thousands of German Uhlans descending on Larissa, why the starving of the Greek people? What was the aim of the Entente in doing all these things?

A simplistic, but politically useful, explanation was imposed at the time and has been repeated decade after decade ever since: King Constantine was working for the Germans.

This book debunks this simplistic explanation and sets out all the facts proving that there was some other reason behind the dealings of the Entente Powers; they did not act in concert and - most probably- the explanation of this enigma is to be sought in France and in Greece.

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Athina Cacouri is a Greek journalist born in Patras. After spending the WWII Occupation in Athens, she moved to Vienna, where she studied modern history.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 408 pages
 210mm x 150mm

BIC Code:
  HIS000000, HIS010000, HIS027100
 Kapon Editions


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