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The Oriental Institute 1999-2000 Annual Report

Edited by Gene Gragg

The Oriental Institute 1999-2000 Annual Report
Paperback, 220 pages £15.00
Published: 2000
ISBN: 9781614910022
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Subjects: Ancient Near East, Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

The Oriental Institute Annual Reports contain yearly summaries of the activities of the Institutes faculty, staff, and research projects, as well as descriptions of special events and other Institute functions. Table of Contents: INTRODUCTION; Introduction (Gene Gragg); In Memoriam; ARCHAEOLOGY; Amuq Valley Regional Project (K. Ashhan Yener); Diyala Objects Publication Project (McGuire Gibson); Epigraphic Survey (W. Raymond Johnson); Giza (Mark Lehner); Hadir Qinnasrin (Donald Whitcomb); Hamoukar (McGuire Gibson); Joint Prehistoric Project (Robert J. Braidwood and Linda S. Braidwood); Nippur (McGuire Gibson); Project for the Archaeology of Yemeni Terraced Agriculture (Tony J. Wilkinson); Tell Es-Sweyhat (Thomas A. Holland); PHILOLOGY; Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (Martha T. Roth); Chicago Hittite Dictionary (Harry A. Hoffner, Jr.); Conference on Electronic Publication of Ancient Near Eastern Texts (David Schloen); Demotic Dictionary Project (Stephen Vinson); RESEARCH; Individual Research; Computer Laboratory (John C. Sanders and Peggy M. Sanders); Publications (Thomas A. Holland); Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (Tony J. Wilkinson); Research Archives (Charles E. Jones); MUSEUM; Museum (Karen L. Wilson); Museum Education (Carole Krucoff); Volunteer Program (Catherine Duenas and Terry Friedman); Suq (Denise Browning); DEVELOPMENT; Development (Tim Cashion); VISITING COMMITTEE TO THE ORIENTAL INSTITUTE; HONOR ROLL OF MEMBERS AND DONORS; STAFF OF THE ORIENTAL INSTITUTE; INFORMATION.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 220 pages

BIC Code:
  HIS002000, SOC003000
 Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago


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