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Book Of Devotions/Libro De Devociones Y Oficios

By Constanza de Castilla Edited by Constance L. Wilkins

Book Of Devotions/Libro De Devociones Y Oficios
Paperback, 123 pages £20.00
Published: 1998
ISBN: 9780859894876
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Subjects: European Literature, European Studies
Series: Exeter Hispanic Texts

This, the first edition of the devotionary composed by Constanza de Castilla, granddaughter of Pedro I and prioress of the monastery of Santa Domingo el Real Madrid from approximately 1416 to 1465, is an important contribution to the small body of writing by medieval Spanish women available today.

Comprising a variety of prayers and liturgy offices in Spanish and Latin, the book provides moving evidence of the beliefs, experience, and expression of religious women in Spain of the later Middle Ages.




Text and Notes


Index of Linguistic Citations

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'This well-prepared edition is a valuable contribution to the study of women's literature and religious literature in medieval Spain.' (Modern Language Review, 94.3, 1999)

'. . . A text of considerable interest and significance . . . It is interesting to observe how, perceptibly, as modern scholarly editions make available the writings of such women, our knowledge of the contours of the learning, literary culture and writing of late-medieval women-particularly of the mystics and visionaries-grows, alters, and comes into focus.' (Mystics Quarterly, Volume 24 No. 4, December 1998)

Constanza de Castilla, Reina de Castilla was the daughter of Pedro I de Castilla, Rey de Castilla and Maria de Padilla. She was born in 1354 and died on 24 March 1394 in Leicester, England. She is buried at Newark Abbey, Leicester, Leicestershire, England.

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 Paperback , 123 pages

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  LCO010000, LIT004190, LIT011000, REL010000, REL012040, REL055020
 University of Exeter Press


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