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Essays in Ancient Civilization Presented to Helene J. Kantor

By Albert Leonard and Bruce B Williams

Essays in Ancient Civilization Presented to Helene J. Kantor
Paperback, 393 pages £50.00
Published: 1989
ISBN: 9780918986573
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Subjects: Ancient Near East, Archaeology, Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Series: Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization

As a number of Professor Kantor's publications stand as models of their kind, elegant, precise, erudite and stimulating, it is a challenge to contribute to a volume in her honor. There are many who, though never formally taught by her, have been encouraged by the "limitless patience and an unswerving devotion to humane learning," noted in Janet H. Johnson's foreword, and inspired by the standards she sets. The twenty-five contributors to this volume are but a fraction of those indebted to her; but between them they pay appropriate tribute in a handsomely produced book, which includes a "bibliography of the publications and communications of Helene J. Kantor (through June 15th 1988)" compiled by Charles E. Jones. [From a review by P. R. S. Moorey in Journal of Near Eastern Studies 52 (1993) 49-51].

G. Algaze. ‘Tepe Chenchi: An Important Settlement Near Khorsabad’
R. Amiran. ‘Re-Examination of a Cult-and-Art Object from Beth Yerah’
P. Beck. ‘Notes on the Style and Iconography of the Chalcolithic Hoard from Nahal Mishmar’
R. D. Biggs. ‘A Recut Old Babylonian Seal with a Sumerian Prayer of the Kassite Period’
R. H. Dornemann. ‘Comments on Small Finds and Items of Artistic Significance from Tell Hadidi and Nearby Sites in the Euphrates Valley, Syria’
D. Esse. ‘Village Potters in Early Bronze Age Palestine: A Case Study’
W. Farber. ‘Dämonen ohne Stammbaum: Zu einigen mesopotamischen Amuletten aus dem Kunsthandel’
H. G. Güterbock. ‘Hittite kursa 'Hunting Bag'‘
Th. Jacobsen. ‘God or Worshipper’
J. H. Johnson and D. Whitcomb. ‘A Royal Head from Luxor’
M. Kelly-Buccellati. ‘A New Third Millennium Sculpture from Mozan’
Y. Majidzadeh. ‘An Early Industrial Proto-Urban Center on the Central Plateau of Iran: Tepe Ghabristan’
H. P. Martin. ‘A Monster Mirrored’
T. L. McClellan. ‘The Chronology and Ceramic Assemblages of Alalakh’
C. Meyer. ‘Crown Window Panes: Constantinian or Justinian?’
E. O. Negahban. ‘Mosaic, Glass, and Frit Vessels from Marlik’
E. Porada. ‘Problems of Late Assyrian Reliefs’
M. Tadmor. ‘The Judean Desert Treasure from Nahal Mishmar: A Chalcolithic Traders' Hoard?’
M. van Loon. ‘Urartian Bronzes Formerly in the Oriental Institute Museum’
E. Vermeule. ‘Carved Bones from Corinth’
W. A. Ward. ‘Some Foreign Personal Names and Loan-Words from the Deir el-Medineh Ostraca’
B. B. Williams. ‘An Early Pottery Jar with Incised Decoration from Egypt’
I. J. Winter. ‘North Syrian Ivories and Tell Halaf Reliefs: The Impact of Luxury Goods upon 'Major' Arts’
J. Zarins. ‘Ancient Egypt and the Red Sea Trade: The Case for Obsidian in the Predynastic and Archaic Periods’
R. L. Zettler. ‘Pottery Profiles Reconstructed from Jar Sealings in the Lower Seal Impression Strata (SIS 8-4) at Ur: New Evidence for Dating’

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 Paperback , 393 pages

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  HIS002000, SOC003000
 Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago


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