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Studies in Semitic and Afroasiatic Linguistics Presented to Gene B Gragg

Edited by Cynthia L. Miller

Studies in Semitic and Afroasiatic Linguistics Presented to Gene B Gragg
Paperback, 216 pages £47.00
Published: 2008
ISBN: 9781885923417
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Subjects: Ancient Near East, Language and Linguistics, Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

Professor Gene B Gragg's unbounded intellectual curiosity and rigorous linguistic method have served as a bridge between the often disparate fields of Semitic philology and linguistics, between the various sub-disciplines that study the ancient Near East, between the study of ancient languages by means of scribal corpora and modern languages by means of language helpers, and between users and developers of computer programs for linguistic and text analysis. In so doing he has inspired a generation of students and colleagues to new vistas and greater horizons. All but one of the essays in this volume were originally presented at a symposium at the Oriental Institute on May 21-22, 2004, in honour of his retirement. The symposium was centered around Semitic and comparative Semitic linguistics, the areas of inquiry of most of Professor Gragg's students; two other papers at the symposium (those by Bender and Militarev) directed our attention to his comparative Afroasiatic interests. An additional paper by Rebecca Hasselbach, who was recently hired to teach Comparative Semitics at the Oriental Institute, rounds off the volume.

Foreword. Gil J. Stein; Preface. Cynthia L. Miller
The Research of Gene B. Gragg. Cynthia L. Miller
Bibliography of the Publications and Communications of Gene B. Gragg. Charles E. Jones
Gene B. Gragg as a Teacher. Robert D. Hoberman
Dissertation Committee Service. Gene B. Gragg
Chapter 1. The Afrasian Lexicon Reconsidered. M. Lionel Bender
Chapter 2. PQD Revisited. Stuart Creason
Chapter 3. May the Gods Preserve You! The Variability of Injunctive *la in Epigraphic South Arabian and Its Relation to Jussive Forms within South Semitic. Joseph L. Daniels II
Chapter 4. Littera ex occidente: Toward a Functional History of Writing. Peter T. Daniels
Chapter 5. The Story of Mem u Zine in the Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Bohtan. Samuel Ethan Fox
Chapter 6. Prenasalization in Aramaic. W. Randall Garr
Chapter 7. A New Masoretic "Spell Checker" or, a Practical Method for Checking the Accentual Structure and Integrity of Tiberian-Pointed Biblical Texts. Richard L. Goerwitz III
Chapter 8. External Plural Markers in Semitic: A New Assessment. Rebecca Hasselbach
Chapter 9. Semitic Triradicality or Prosodic Minimality? Evidence from Sound Change. Robert D. Hoberman
Chapter 10. Akkadian-Egyptian Lexical Matches. Alexander Militarev
Chapter 11. Constraints on Ellipsis in Biblical Hebrew. Cynthia L. Miller
Chapter 12. The Ugaritic Alphabetic Cuneiform Writing System in the Context of Other Alphabetic Systems. Dennis Pardee
Chapter 13. West Semitic Perspectives on the Akkadian Vetitive. David Testen

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 Paperback , 216 pages

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 2C, 2CS, CFF
  FOR033000, LAN009010
 Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago


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