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Better Words
Evaluating EFL Dictionaries

By Gabrielle Stein

Better Words
Hardback, 256 pages £75.00
Published: 2002
ISBN: 9780859897198
Format: 225mm x 145mm
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Subjects: Linguistics and Lexicography
Series: Exeter Language and Lexicography

Better Words provides an introduction to EFL lexicography and an insight into its fundamental issues and problems. It describes in detail the major changes that have occurred in the production of EFL dictionaries over recent decades and will help teachers and their students to assess the description of the word stock on offer and to decide which EFL dictionary is the most adequate for their specific purposes.

During the last twenty-five years lexicographers and their publishers have experimented with new ways of describing and presenting the words included in their EFL dictionaries to make them more accessible to users. This book compares these dictionaries and critically reviews the lexicographal achievements in the description and presentation of word meanings, registers, exemplification, cultural contexts and pictorial illustrations. It also examines the advantages and disadvantages of using a bilingual and a monolingual EFL dictionary.

Better Words is a companion volume to Chosen Words: Past and Present Problems for Dictionary Makers by Noel Osselton (1995) and Living Words: Language, Lexicography and the Knowledge Revolution by Tom McArthur (1998). Both are published by University of Exeter Press in the series Exeter Language and Lexicography. The general editors of this series are Reinhard Hartmann and Tom McArthur.

Foreword by Reinhard Hartmann


1. The English Dictionary: Past, Present and Future

2. EFL Dictionaries, the Teacher and the Student

3. From the Bilingual to the Monolingual Dictionary

4. The Best of British and American Lexicography

5. Word-Formation in Modern English Dictionaries

6. Recent Developments in EFL Dictionaries

7. The Dictionary and the Language Learner

8. EFL Dictionaries: Meaning, Culture, Illustrations

9. Social and Stylistic Stratification in English Vocabulary and its Treatment in Pedagogical Dictionaries

10. Illustrations in Dictionaries

11. Exemplification in EFL Dictionaries

Dictionary Abbreviations



‘As such, the collection is a landmark in the field of EFL lexicography and its reading can be but highly recommended.’ (Lexikos. 16, 2006)

"Professor Stein is one of the most active and authoritative figures working in the field of English Language Studies today." (A.P. Cowie, Editor, International Journal of Lexicography)

Gabriele Stein is Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg and has published many books on English grammar and lexicology. She was the founding president of the European Association for Lexicography

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 256 pages
 225mm x 145mm

BIC Code:
  FOR007000, LAN009000, REF008000
 University of Exeter Press


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