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John Lydgate's Dance of Death and Related Works

Edited by Megan L. Cook and Elizaveta Strakhov

John Lydgate's Dance of Death and Related Works
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Paperback £15.50
Published: 2019
ISBN: 9781580443807
Format: 260mm x 210mm
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Series: TEAMS Middle English Texts Series

This volume joins new editions of both texts of John Lydgate's The Dance of Death, related Middle English verse, and a new translation of Lydgate's French source, the Danse macabre. Together these poems showcase the power of the danse macabre
motif, offering a window into life and death in late medieval Europe. In vivid, often grotesque, and darkly humorous terms, these poems ponder life's fundamental paradox: while we know that we all must die, we cannot imagine our own death.

General Introduction
John Lydgate, Dance of Death: A version
John Lydgate, Dance of Death: B version
Other Late Medieval Poems about Death
John Lydgate, "Death's Warning to the World" (DIMEV 4905)
"Three Messengers of Death" (DIMEV 5387)
"A Warning Spoken by the Soul of a Dead Person" (DIMEV 3624)

"A Mirror for Young Ladies at their Toilet" (DIMEV 3454)
"The Ressoning betuix Deth and Man," ascribed to Robert Henryson (DIMEV 4000)
Poems in the Dance of Death Tradition
"The Dawnce of Makabre" (DIMEV 4104)
"Can Ye Dance the Shaking of the Sheets" (DIMEV 956)
French Danse macabre, translated by Elizaveta Strakhov
Explanatory Notes
Textual Notes

Megan L. Cook is an Assistant Professor of English at Colby College.

Elizaveta Strakhov is an assistant professor of English at Marquette University.

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 260mm x 210mm

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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