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Vernacular Poetics in the Middle Ages

Edited by Lois Ebin

Vernacular Poetics in the Middle Ages
Hardback, 309 pages £31.50
Published: 1984
ISBN: 9780918720221
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

Vernacular Poetics in the Middle Ages deals with the attitudes and assumptions about vernacular poetry from the eleventh to the fifteenth century. In contrast to most previous studies, the essays consider not only the formal poetics but, more importantly, the self-conscious examination of poetry which is increasingly evident in the poems themselves in this period as writers turn from Latin to the imperfect, mutable language of the vernacular. The approaches of the contributors to this volume represent a variety of methodologies and points of view, valid in their own right, and complementary in their visions. The conclusions, in many cases, qualify our assumptions about the body of vernacular literature and draw attention to issues we must now begin to address. Scholars considering the major European vernaculars and the development of vernacular poetics will take great interest in this collection of essays that range from broad surveys of the changing conceptions of poetry to close studies of the emerging literary languages in France, Germany, Italy, England, and Scotland and the significant contributions of individual poets.

Contents Introduction by Lois Ebin Poetic Emblems in Medieval Narrative Texts by Robert W. Hanning Obscurity and Memory: Sources for Invention in Medieval French Literature by Douglas Kelly Walther versus Reinmar: The Regeneration of Poetic Language in Medieval German Literature by Frederick Goldin Farai un vers de dreyt nien: The Craft of the Early Trobadors by Joan M. Ferrante The Differing Seed: Dante's Brunetto Latini by Eugene Vance Per te poeta fui, per te cristiano: Dante, Statius, and the Narrator of Chaucer's Troilus by Winthrop Wetherbee Self-Consciousness of Poetic Activity in Dante and Langland by George D. Economou Grammar, Poetic Form, and the Lyric Ego: A Medieval A Priori by Judson Boyce Allen Toward a Poetics of the Late Medieval Court Lyric by Glending Olson Late Medieval Images and Self-Images of the Poet: Chaucer, Gower, Lydgate, Henryson, Dunbar by Robert O. Payne Poetics and Style in Late Medieval Literature by Lois Ebin

Lois Ebin was a professor of English at Barnard College.

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 Hardback , 309 pages

BIC Code:
  LIT011000, LIT014000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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