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Law, Custom, and the Social Fabric in Medieval Europe
Essays in Honor of Bryce Lyon

Edited by Bernard S Bachrach and David Nicholas

Law, Custom, and the Social Fabric in Medieval Europe
Hardback, 330 pages £31.50
Published: 1990
ISBN: 9780918720306
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Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

The breadth of articles contained in this volume reflects the breadth of Bryce Lyon's scholarly interests. Topics include marriage rules as they relate to women and incest, Bernard of Clairvaux, Henry I, and executions in late medieval Paris. This collection honors Bryce Lyon and his considerable impact on medieval studies as a whole.

Acknowledgments Bryce Lyon: An Appreciation Bibliography of the Major Works of Bryce Lyon Abbreviations Editors and Contributors Making Sense of Incest: Women and the Marriage Rules of the Early Middle Ages by David Herlihy The Agricultural Revolution of the Middle Ages Reconsidered by Adriaan Verhulst Fulk Nerra's Exploitation of the facultates monachorum, ca. 1000 by Bernard S. Bachrach The Death of the Subdean: Ecclesiastical Order and Disorder in Eleventh-Century Francia by Edward Peters Bernard of Clairvaux and the Temple of Solomon by Thomas Renna Galbert of Bruges on Serfdom, Prosecution of Crime, and Constitutionalism (1127-28) by R.C. Van Caenegem The Role of Feudal Relationships in the Consolidation of Power in the Principalities of the Low Countries, 1000-1300 by Karen S. Nicholas The Viceregal Court of Henry I by C. Warren Hollister Divided Loyalties: The Neville Family and the Barons' War against King Henry III, 1264-65 by Charles R. Young Marriage Legislation and Patrician Society in Fifteenth-Century Venice by Stanley Chojnacki The Venetian Family and the Estimo of 1379 by Donald E. Queller Reassessing the Career of Olivier de Clisson, Constable of France by John Bell Henneman The Governance of Fourteenth-Century Ghent: The Theory and Practice of Public Administration by David Nicholas Violence against Women in a Medieval Metropolis: Paris around 1400 by Walter Prevenier To Die a Criminal for the Public Good: The Execution Ritual in Late Medieval Paris by Esther Cohen

Bernard S. Bachrach is a professor of history at the University of Minnesota, cofounding editor of Medieval Prosopography and founding editor of Res Mitiraris. David Nicholas is professor emeritus of History at Clemson University who has published widely on Flanders and urban centers in the late medieval period.

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 Hardback , 330 pages

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  HIS037010, LAW060000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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