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The Early Art of the West Riding of Yorkshire
A Subject List of Extant and Lost Art Including Items Relevant to Early Drama

By Barbara D. Palmer

The Early Art of the West Riding of Yorkshire
Hardback, 430 pages £39.50
Published: 1990
ISBN: 9780918720320
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Series: Early Drama, Art, and Music Reference

Professor Palmer has systematically surveyed the art of the former West Riding of Yorkshire and has provided an iconographic index of this large region where medieval drama also flourished.

Illustrations Acknowledgments Map of West Riding Parishes and Churches Introduction Diagrams Subject List I. Representations of God, Angels, & Devils II. Old Testament III. Parents of Virgin & Her Life (to Nativity) IV. Infancy of Christ V. The Ministry VI. The Passion VII. The Risen Christ VIII. Conclusion of Life of Virgin IX. The Last Judgment X. The Creed XI. The Apostles XII. Saints XIII. Seven Sacraments XIV. Allegorical Subjects XV. Miscellaneous Appendix I. Relics in the West Riding Appendix II. Musical Iconography Appendix III. Almondbury Passion Text Appendix IV. Fountains Abbey and Ripon Minster Appendix V. Manuscript Descriptions Appendix VI. Norman Doorways Appendix VII. Selby Abbey Appendix VIII. Thornhill Painted Glass Appendix IX. Wakefield Appendix X. Unidentified Subjects Selected Bibliography Index

Barbara D. Palmer was a professor of English at the University of Mary Washington who specialized in Early Drama Studies. After she passed away in 2009, the Palmer Award was established to encourage study in Early Drama.

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 Hardback , 430 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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