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Studies in Fifteenth-Century Stagecraft

By J. W. Robinson

Studies in Fifteenth-Century Stagecraft
Hardback, 276 pages £31.00
Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780918720382
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Paperback, 276 pages £31.50
Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780918720399
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Subjects: Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Early Drama, Art, and Music, Early Drama, Art, and Music Monograph

Before he suddenly passed away, John W. Robinson was working on a manuscript that he saw as effecting a marriage between the dramatic and the theatrical, as he felt there was too large a divide between literary scholars and practitioners of the theater. In it, Robinson stated that his purpose it to expound as plays the New Testament plays of the Wakefield Master and some of the related York plays, including two by the York Realist. . . . hop[ing] to show that the meaning and effect of the Wakefield Master's and York Realist's plays will not appear unless they are approached with the understanding that they were performed, with some idea of how they were performed, and with some appreciation of what they meant to a medieval audience. That manuscript is presented here, a close study of eight plays and the elements Robinson considers essential to performance: playwright, sponsors, location, plot, script, players, and audience.

List of Illustrations Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction The Wakefield Master and the York Realist: Playwrights, Playing, Players, and AudienceThe York Play of the Nativity The York Shepherds Play and the First Shepherds PlayThe Second Shepherds PlayThe York Play of the Slaughter of the Innocents and the Play of Herod the GreatThe York Play of Christ before Annas and Caiaphas and the Wakefield Masters Play of the Buffeting of ChristNotesIndex

J. W. Robinson was a distinguished scholar in medieval drama studies.

Studies in Fifteenth-Century Stagecraft
Studies in Fifteenth-Century Stagecraft - Hardback cover

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 276 pages

 Paperback , 276 pages

BIC Code:
  HIS037010, PER011020
 Medieval Institute Publications


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