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Rebels and Rivals
The Contestive Spirit in The Canterbury Tales

Foreword by Derek Pearsall Edited by Peter C Braeger, Susanna Greer Fein and David Raybin

Rebels and Rivals
Hardback, 293 pages £31.00
Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780918720412
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Paperback, 293 pages £31.50
Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780918720429
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

Strife occurs everywhere among characters in The Canterbury Tales, in the stories as well as the links between them. Characters seem always ready to dispute, contradict, declaim, and contend about almost anything. A competitive spirit suffuses the work, from the tale-telling among pilgrims and the personal rivalries that develop on the pilgrimage to the conflicts, beguilings, and one-uppings that go on in the tales. By understanding the rivalries of the Canterbury world, we may then recognize why Chaucer so insists on the individuality of the characters he creates, why so many characters (rightly or wrongly) resist structures, and why they challenge or reject social dogmas, often overturning them. The essays that make up this collection offer several provocative interpretations of the rivalrous and rebellious spirits that inhabit the worlds of Chaucer's tales. The volume is intended for the dedicated teacher of Chaucer as well as for the specialist in medieval English studies. As Chaucer's poem displays the contestive spirit of human affairs, so the collective spirit of these essays reflects vigorous debate and multi-faceted challenge.

Foreward Preface Acknowledgments The Inn, the Cathedral, and the Pilgrimage of The Canterbury Tales by Frederick B. Jonassen Up and Down, To and Fro: Spatial Relationships in The Knight's Tale by William F. Woods Clerkly Rivalry in The Reeve's Tale by Bruce Kent Cowgill Lat the Children Pleye: The Game Betwixt the Ages in The Reeve's Tale by Susanna Greer Fein The Wife of Bath: Chaucer's Inchoate Experiment in Feminist Hermeneutics by Susan K. Hagen My Spirit Hath His Fostryng in the Bible: The Summoner's Tale and the Holy Spirit by Jay Ruud Lords, Churls, and Friars: The Return to Social Order in The Summoner's Tale by Linda Georgianna The Falcon's Complaint in The Squire's Tale by Charles A. Owen Jr. And Pave It Al of Silver and of Gold: The Humane Artistry of The Canon's Yeoman's Tale by David Raybin A Memoir of Chaucer's Institute by C. David Benson Appendix: The Portrayals of Fortune in the Tales of The Monk's Tale (Abstract) by Peter C. Braeger

Susanna Fein is professor of English and coordinator of the Arts and Sciences minor in Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies at Kent State University. David Raybin is a professor of English at Eastern Illinois University, who has published extensively on the works of Chaucer. Derek Pearsall is a prominent Chaucerian scholar and professor emeritus of Harvard University.

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 Hardback , 293 pages

 Paperback , 293 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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