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Three Middle English Charlemagne Romances

Edited by Alan Lupack

Three Middle English Charlemagne Romances
Paperback, 215 pages £15.50
Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780918720443
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: TEAMS Middle English Texts Series

This volume serves as an excellent introduction to the tradition of romances dealing with the matter of France-that is, Charlemagne and his Twelve Peers. Of the three groups of English Charlemagne romances, the Ferumbras group, the Otuel group, and detached romances, the editor has selected one of each: The Sultan of Babylon, The Siege of Milan, and The Tale of Ralph the Collier. This is a valuable introduction to Charlemagne romances and is accessible to beginners in Middle English because of contextualizing introductions and glosses for each text, as well as a helpful glossary.

The Sultan of Babylon The Siege of Milan The Tale of Ralph the Collier Glossary

Alan Lupack is Director of the Robbins Library and Koller-Collins Center for English Studies at the University of Rochester. He is interested in any and all elements of Arthuriana.

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 Paperback , 215 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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