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The Medieval Tradition of Natural Law

Edited by Harold J Johnson

The Medieval Tradition of Natural Law

This anthology aims to add flesh to the bones and the supplements, reservations, and alternatives for a deeper understanding of the tradition of natural law throughout the medieval period. It runs contrary to the opinion so commonly held since the Renaissance, that any tradition deemed medieval has little or even nothing to offer to contemporary needs and interests. The essays contained herein put to bed such a notion with fresh and interesting takes on Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, natural law in the traditions of Golden Age Spain, and more.

Introduction by Harold J. Johnson Thomas Aquinas on Promises by Richard N. Bronaugh Martin Luther: a Natural Law Theorist? by Harvey Owen Brown An Example of the Resurgence of Natural Law in Golden Age Spain by Robert L. Fiore Elements of Natural Law Theory in Machiavelli by John H. Geerken Natural Law and Legal Obligation by Barry C. Hoffmaster Just Price, Aquinas, and the Labor Theory of Value by Harold J. Johnson Aquinas and Vitoria: Two Perspectives on Slavery by John B. Killoran Lord's Law and Natural Law by Geoffery Koziol Saint Thomas Aquinas's S.T. I-II. 94. 2 and 4: Two Renaissance Interpretations and their Significance to Contemporary Value Theory by John U. Lewis Nominalist Natural Law Theory Revisited: Gabriel Biel by Kevin McDonnell Classifying the Moral Teaching of St. Thomas by Peter A. Redpath The Political Limitations of Natural Law in Aquinas by Edgar Scully Introduction to Natural Law in Didactic, Scientific, and Legal Treatises in Iberia by Dennis P. Seniff Natural Moral Law and Predestination in St. Thomas Aquinas: An Incurable Contradiction by Thomas Michael Tomasic The Development of the Insurance Concept and Insurance Law in the Middle Ages by Karl H. Van D'Elden The Common Good in Thomas Aquinas's Politics by Edward F. Walter (with Bruce Bubacz)

Harold J. Johnson was a professor of philosophy at Western Ontario University.

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 Hardback , 219 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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