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Religion, Culture, and Society in the Early Middle Ages
Studies in Honor of Richard E. Sullivan

Edited by John J Contreni and Thomas FX Noble

Religion, Culture, and Society in the Early Middle Ages
Paperback, 276 pages £31.50
Published: 1987
ISBN: 9780918720849
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Subjects: Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies, Religious Studies
Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

Essays in this volume explore wide-ranging topics: Constantinople, Cloistered Women, Popes and Holy Images, Kingship, Pastoral Care, and Pilgrimages to the works or lives of Sidonius Apollinaris, Gregory of Tours, John Damascene, and Anselm of Havelberg. Like the scholarship of the man who inspired the essays (Richard Sullivan) the essays are broad and incisive.

Abbreviations Forward Preface The Rise of Constantinople and its Significance, A.D. 323-602 by A. R. Lewis Christianitas Eclipses Romanitas in the Life of Sidonius Apollinaris by William M. Daly The Meaning of Monastic Cloister for Women According to Caesarius of Arles by Donald Hochstetler The Eighth Council of Toledo (653): Precursor of Medieval Parliaments? by Jeremy duQuesnay Adams From Historiae to Historia Francorum and Back Again: Aspects of the Textual History of Gregory of Tours by Walter Goffart Saints and Public Christianity in the Historiae of Gregory of Tours by Kathleen Mitchell John Damascene and the History of the Iconoclastic Controversy by Thomas F. X. Noble The Popes and the Holy Images in the Eighth Century by David S. Sefton Sacral Kingship, Biblical Kingship, and the Elevation of Pepin the Short by David Harry Miller From Polis to Parish by John J. Contreni Monks and Pastoral Care in the Early Middle Ages by Thomas L. Amos Spiritale Vinculum: The Vocabulary of Spiritual Kingship in Early Medieval Europe by Joseph H. Lynch The Pilgrimages of Fulk Nerra, Count of the Angevins, 987-1040 by Bernard S. Bachrach Anselm of Havelberg: Play and the Dilemma of Historical Progress by Karl F. Morrison

Thomas F. X. Noble is the Andrew V. Tackles Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame and specializes in Rome and the papacy in late antiquity and the Carolingians. John J. Contreni is a professor of history at the University of Purdue who has published on the Carolingian world.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 276 pages

BIC Code:
  HIS037010, HIS054000, REL015000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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