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Medieval Translators and Their Craft

By Jeanette Beer

Medieval Translators and Their Craft
Hardback, 438 pages £78.00
Published: 1989
ISBN: 9780918720955
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Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

At no time in the history of the West has translation played a more vital role than in the Middle Ages. Centuries before the appearance of the first extant vernacular documents, bilingualism, and preferably trilingualism, was a necessity in the scriptorium and chancery; and since the emergence of Romance had rendered the entire corpus of classical literature incomprehensible to all but the literati, both old and new worlds awaited (re)discovery or, to use Jerome's metaphor, conquest. The diversity of medieval translation is illustrated, although not encompassed, by the diversity of chapters in the present volume. Authors treat the methods and reception of translators of vernacular to Latin and vernacular to vernacular, texts of a variety of genres and many different languages and periods. The collection will present a welcome offering of different scholarly approaches to the critical issue of medieval translators and their craft.

Translation and Innovation in the Roman de Brut by Nancy Vine Durling Five Old French Renderings of the Passio Sancte Katerine Virginis by William MacBain The Old French Cistercian Translations by Robert Taylor Apocryphal Narrative Elements in the Genesis of the Middle Low German Historienbibel Helmstedt 611.1 by Patricia A. McAllister From the Vernacular to Latin and Back: The Case of The Seven Sages of Rome by Hans R. Runte The Middle English Glossed Prose Psalter and its French Source by Raymond C. St-Jacques The Old English Phoenix by Brian A. Shaw Two Old French Recastings / Translations of Andreas Capellanus's De Amore by Peter F. Dembowski Direct Speech - A Key to the German Adaptor's Art? by Karen Pratt The Englishing of the Comic Technique in Hue de Rotelande's Ipomedon by Brenda Hosington The Fiore and the Roman de la rose by Earl Jeffrey Richards Le Bestiaire d'amour en vers by Jeanette Beer A Case Study in Medieval Nonliterary Translation: Scientific Texts from Latin to French by Lys Ann Shore Raoul de Presles's Translation of Saint Augustine's De Civitate Dei by Charity Cannon Willard Humanist Debate and the Translative Dilemma in Renaissance France by K. Lloyd-Jones

Jeanette Beer was a professor of French at Purdue University and associate editor of Purdue Studies in Romantic Literature and is professor emerita at Oxford University.

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 Hardback , 438 pages

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  HIS037010, LAN023000
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