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Personal Names Studies of Medieval Europe
Social Identity and Familial Structures

Edited by George T Beech, Monique Bourin and Pascal Chareille

Personal Names Studies of Medieval Europe
Hardback, 221 pages £23.50
Published: 2002
ISBN: 9781580440639
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Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

This collection of essays was the first published in North America that sought to describe the methodology and some results of a scholarly enterprise hailed in the preface to the volume as one of the most vibrant, innovative, and productive movements in medieval scholarship at the present time.Under the direction of Monique Bourin an international team of scholars has been considering onomastics from the perspective of history rather than that of linguistics or philology. By examining data on both the micro and macro levels, researchers are beginning to describe how medieval patterns of naming have implications for our understanding of family relationships, kinship, and larger social structures that were not fully realized by earlier scholars.

Foreward by Patrick Geary Preface by George T. BeechPart I: Methodology How Changes in Naming Reflect the Evolution of Familial Structures in Southern Europe, 950-1250 by Monique Bourin Methodological Problems in a Quantitative Approach to Changes in Naming by Pascal ChareillePart II: Personal Names in the Early Middle Ages Personal Names and the Transformation of Kinship in Early Medieval Society (Sixth to Tenth Centuries) by Regine Le JanPart III: Personal Names in Southern Europe (Tenth to Thirteenth Centuries) Personal Naming and Structures of Kinship in the Medieval Spanish Peasantry by Lluis To Figueras Personal Naming and Kinship in the Spanish Aristocracy by Pascual Martinez Sopena Family Memory and the Durability of the Nomen Paternum by Robert Durand The French Midi Reflected in Personal Names by Benoit Cursente What Were People Called in Communal Italy? by Francois Menant Personal Names and Family Structure in Medieval Southern Italy and Sicily by Jean-Marie MartinPart IV: Personal Names and Cultural Contacts Personal Names, Immigration, and Cultural Change: Francos and Muslims in the Medieval Crown of Aragon by Carlos Laliena Families of Outremer: A Source Of Traditional Naming Customs by Marie-Adelaide NielenPart V: Personal Names in the Later Middle Ages Personal Naming among the Rural Populations in France at the End of the Middle Ages by Patrice Beck Personal Naming and Representations of Feminine Identity in Franconia in the Later Middle Ages by Joseph Morsel

George T. Beech is professor emeritus of history at Western Michigan University and a founding coeditor of the journal Medieval Prosopography.

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 Hardback , 221 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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