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Confessio Amantis, Volume 3

By John Gower Edited by Russell A Peck Translated by Andrew Galloway

Confessio Amantis, Volume 3
Paperback, 556 pages £31.50
Published: 2005
ISBN: 9781580440929
Format: 255mm x 178mm
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: TEAMS Middle English Texts Series

The complete text of John Gower's Confessio Amantis is a 3-volume edition, including all Latin components - with translations - of this bilingual poem and extensive glosses, bibliography, and explanatory notes. Volume 3 contains Books 5, 6, and 7, which follow another kind of development as Gower shifts from romance banter and formulaic confession to philosophical inquiry.

Acknowledgments Introduction Confessio Amantis Book 5: Avarice i. On Avarice Tale of Midas Punishment of Tantalus Avarice: Jealousy of Lovers Tale of Vulcan, Mars, and Venus ii. Religions The Egyptians The Greeks Idol Worship The Jews The Christians iii. Covetousness Tale of Virgil's Mirror Tale of the Two Coffers Tale of the Beggars and the Two Pastries Covetousness of Lovers Tale of the King and His Steward's Wife iv. Perjury Tale of Achilles and Deidamia Tale of Jason and Medea Tale of Phrixus and Helle v. Usury Tale of Echo vi. Parsimony Tale of Babio and Croceus vii. Ingratitude Tale of Adrian and Bardus Tale of Theseus and Ariadne viii. Rapacity Tale of Tereus, Procne, and Philomena ix. Robbery Tale of Neptune and Cornix Tale of Calistona x. Virginity Agamemnon and Criseide xi. Stealth and Pilfering Tale of Leucothoe Tale of Hercules and Faunus xii. Sacrilege Sacrilegiousness of Lovers Tale of Paris and Helen xiii. Prodigality Book 6: Gluttony i. On Drunkenness Drunkenness of Lovers Tale of Jupiter and the Two Casks Prayer of Bacchus in the Desert Tristram and Isolde Marriage of Pirithous Tale of Galba and Vitellius ii. Delicacy Delicacy of Lovers Tale of Dives and Lazarus Nero's Sensuality iii. Sorcery and Witchcraft Tale of Ulysses and Telegonus Tale of Nectanabus Zoroaster Saul and the Witch Alexander and Aristotle Book 7: Education of the King i. On Education: The Three Parts of Philosophy ii. Theory, the First Part of Philosophy Theology Physics Mathematics iii. Four-fold Creation Four Elements Four Complexions Four Servants of the Heart Four Divisions of the World iv. Astronomy Seven Planets Twelve Signs of the Zodiac Fifteen Stars Authors of Astronomy v. Rhetoric, the Second Part of Philosophy vi. Practice, the Third Part of Philosophy vii. Truth, the First Part of Policy Esdras on the King, Wine, Women, and Truth Tale of Alcestis viii. Largess, the Second Part of Policy Tale of Julius and the Poor Knight Tale of Antigonus and Cinichus Flattery Tale of Diogenes and Aristippus Triumph, Humility, and the Roman Emperors The Emperor and the Masons Tale of Ahab and Micaiah ix. Justice, the Third Part of Policy Emperor Maximin Gaius Fabricius Emperor Conrad Carmidotirus Cambyses Tale of Lycurgus First Law-Givers x. Pity, the Fourth Part of Policy Tale of Codrus Tale of Pompeius and the King of Armenia Cruelty of Siculus Dionysius and his Horse Lichaon Nobleness of the Lion Tale of Spertachus and Thameris Tale of the Mountain and the Mouse A Time for War Gideon Saul and Agag David and Joab Solomon's Wisdom Courtiers and the Fool Folly of Rehoboam Wisdom and the King xi. Chastity, the Fifth Part of Policy Sardanapalus David Cyrus and the Lydians Counsel of Balaam Lecherous Solomon and the Division of the Kingdom Tale of Tarquin and Aruns Tale of the Rape of Lucrece Tale of Virginia Tale of Tobias and Sara Explanatory Notes Textual Notes Bibliography Reference Index to Volume 3 Subject Index to Volumes 1-3 Bibliography Glossary

Russell A. Peck is Professor of English at the University of Rochester. He is currently the editor of the Middle English Texts Series. Andrew Galloway is Professor of English at Cornell University. He specializes in medieval English literature and its contexts, as well as medieval Latin literature.

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 Paperback , 556 pages
 255mm x 178mm

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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